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Rapper Dici Releases “Left to Right”

After spending his last few studio sessions focusing on the surrealism within his sound, Dici is officially getting back to the harder-edged rap he started his career with in the new single “Left to Right,” which immediately feels like a much heavier-toned work than what we’ve been hearing from him in the last year.

Although there’s nothing wrong with having a diverse profile, Dici sounds different here, like he’s satisfying an urge that might have been a bit neglected in his experimental content, all of which has set the stage for this look like nothing else could have. In this mix, the lead vocal is more prominent than it has been in a Dici track in a while, and there’s no disputing the effect it has on our interpretation of the lyrics.

When this guy is hammering away at a harmony, there’s a postmodern quality that isn’t as bold as what we’re getting from this straightforward assault, and while some might be inclined to deem it more indulgent, I think it’s just the sort of excess that this player has always been able to manage.

This, it just so happens, is putting a spotlight on one of his most underrated talents.

I love the newfound visual decadence of the music video for “Left to Right” as well, and because of the stark differences between this piece and his last video, I think it’s no longer possible to debate Dici’s versatility. Among critics, we’ve already come to a consensus that there isn’t much this young man can’t accomplish when he’s got a concept he’s trying to put together, but this is all the more proof to the mainstream fans getting into his sound now that trusting in his abilities is something you can bank on every time he goes to work.

You can’t go wrong with a groove as voluptuous as this one is, and I would argue that because of how much time Dici has been spending on minimalism, he sounds even more emphatic in his delivery here. This setting is very different from what he’s been favoring lately, and yet he steps into the spotlight without skipping a beat – literally, mind you. His is one of the most interesting stories in the Florida underground, and it’s honestly because he refuses to stay in the boxes a lot of his peers have been building their entire careers out of.

In a word, Dici is unpredictable, and that might be even putting it a little mildly, but this is also one of his best features as an artist. You never know what you’re going to get with his music other than a vague hip-hop foundation and a lot of charisma at the microphone, which is more than I can count on from the majority of rappers that I follow on this level of the international underground. There’s no telling what he’s going to do next, but if history has taught us anything about Dici, his next endeavor will be even bigger than his last.

Mindy McCall



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