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Sonic Rebel’s “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)”

The visuals in Sonic Rebel’s music video for “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)” immediately bring to mind some of the more avant-garde vaporwave aesthetics to come into popularity some six years ago, but its soundtrack is anything but a retooled mixture of mall melodies. Clandestinely psychedelic and highly danceable, this retake of “This Vibe” is quite an intriguing listen no matter what your taste in electronic music is, which is not usually the case when it comes to output in this genre, especially on the underground level. All in all, if you like casual beats, this is going to be a worthwhile listen.

This groove is right off of the dancefloor, but it doesn’t feel overly physical nor imposing on the melodies. On the contrary, there’s a nice evenness to this arrangement that was a pleasant surprise as I got deeper into the track, discovering just how balanced a song this really is. There’s no resisting the intoxicating nature of the harmonies, and this is largely in part thanks to the fluidity created by the beat. Without the percussion’s cavalier construction, I don’t know that we’d feel as invited by this material as we ultimately do here.

Something else I noticed in my first sit-down with this single was its lack of overpowering elements. Although intricately structured, “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)” is very delicate in presentation, giving us only small doses of excess as to push forth the hook – and nothing more. There’s no such thing as being overly efficient in this style of music, and I think that Sonic Rebel is doing a pretty good job of demonstrating as much with this performance. It’s cut and dry, but there isn’t a spot of lush melodicism that sounds bleached nor watered-down in this remix


The bass is getting a lot of love in the grander scheme of things here, but it needs to; most of the color in this groove is coming from the bottom end. While the synth parts add a nice accent to the finished product, this is very much a bassline-powered anthem that keeps our blood flowing without knocking into us with huge percussive interludes, which is an issue I frequently run into when reviewing this kind of release. Sonic Rebel knows how to use every bit of space here, and it makes “This Vibe” all the more exciting to get lost in.

Some of electronica’s most profound works have been made for aficionados almost exclusively, but that just isn’t true of Sonic Rebel’s “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix),” which is among the more accessible dance releases I’ve been spinning this June. It’s an addictive piece that really creates a mood from beginning to end, and whether you’re crazy about the club or just like the hypnotic stylization of a beat fest, I think there’s something for most listeners to fall in love with in this single and its music video, both of which are making a lot of points with critics this summer.

Mindy McCall



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