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Could you bring back the lines from the poem Kubla Khan?

…the Damsel with a Dulcimer In a vision once, I saw: It was an Abyssinian maid.

Sounds and music have been present for eternity. Musicians compose them, and poets celebrate and perpetuate them. Keeping with the same vein, it can be said that modern civilizations greatly embraced music and recognized it.  And when it comes to recognizing the greatest musical talents. Grammy Awards stands as tall as the mighty Alps.

Every year the stage is set with a red carpet to welcome the greatest musical talents and honor their extraterritorial achievements.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the artists that received the award the maximum number of times. 

The Best Grammy Award Winners Of All Times 

This is the list where we have gone on to compile the artists that grabbed this prestigious award the maximum number of times. So let us look at the list here,

1. Sir Georg Solti, 31

Sir Georg Solti is an orchestral and operatic conductor. He is the highest recipient of the Grammy Award-winning individual of all. He won this prestigious award a record number of 31 times. He won it for recording the works of diverse artists like Back, Bartok, and Wagner. 

2. Beyonce: 28

Beyonce has literally is one of the 9 Goddess (Muses) on earth. She first won this prestigious award in the year 2001 for the track “Say My Name.” She received them both, name and fame. Since then Grammy called out her name 26 more times, and that’s history and a dream that cant is achieved in one lifetime. Her success reminds us of Michael Phelps, the Olympian (though he is from another discipline). 

3. Quincy Jones 28

She ties with Beyonce when it comes to winning the maximum number of Grammy nominations. Jones was a part of the historic “Thriller” of Michael Jackson’. Apart from this, he also won accolades for his own “Back on the Block” in the year 1991. 

 4. Allison Kruss, 27

Not far behind that of the ones described above her. She is indeed an epic, and no adjective is sufficient to portray the leviathan heights that she received. Simply keeping the nominations aside, she writes her name as among the greatest in the list of artists on heaven and earth combined. She is phenomenal. Please Read the Letter, and the “Rising Sand” bear testimony to the greatness of human achievement in the world of chords. 

5. Stevie Wonder, 25

This R&B icon holds the distinction of winning albums for three years in a row.  A top-ranked artist, he has successfully been able to transcend music to new heights with works like “Fulfilling-ness,” Inner visions, and other memorable works apart from the other notable works.

6. John Williams, 25

Nothing comes close to describing the greatness of John Williams and the achievements made throughout his illustrious career. That he received a record nomination for the 52nd time is phenomenal. This is a record considering the number of numbers or nominations for a music director.

7. Vince Grill, 21

His journey to victory started with the best country vocal performance, “When I call your name. “Thereafter came a wave of nominations and awards that really dazzled the audience and attention. 

8. Chick Corea: 23

The artist is a Jazz Pianist that won a Grammy every decade since the 1970s, starting with “No Mystery.” Most recently, in 2015, he won another Grammy for the Best Jazz Album, “Trilogy.” Remember, whenever you are searching for heart-pumping music, music that pierces directly into the soul, knock on the door of Chick Corea. Believe us; you will be entertained every time with soothing music. You will not have to be disappointed.


There are stars in the Galaxy, but we look for the ones that are brighter, aspiring to be like that, or simply hoping to reach the heights. No matter why people idolize them and make them into their own. The ones that are mentioned in the segments are the brightest and hence closest to our hearts. 



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