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Renowned Violinist Bernadett Talks New Music, New Home, And How She Got Her Start

Bernadett Nyari hails from Budapest, Hungary and was born into a musician family. Her maternal grandfather was József B. Suha, one of Hungary’s greatest violinists. He was also a composer and his compositions are played worldwide to this day.

Bernadett has become a global traveler entertaining audiences by performing in many countries around the world. She has performed more than in 90 countries, and 150 cities. Her powerful stage presence is underlined by a captivating elegance. She took time from her busy touring and recording schedule, to answer some questions about her forthcoming single release, “Palladio” and her musical origins…

Hello Bernadett! It’s an honor to be interviewing you. Thank you so kindly for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.

First off, tell us about your musical background. How and when did you first pick up the violin, and what was your inspiration for becoming a performer?

When I was a little kid, my parents asked me which instrument I would like to play. I chose the violin. Of course when I realized, that I need to practice, to be able to become a violinist, I never wanted to play again. I only practiced 10 minutes twice a week, before my violin class and I said to my parents I will never be a violinist.

My elementary school had a choir, and when I was 13 years old they went for a 2 week concert tour around Italy. The conductor asked me to join them and play some songs on the violin. So of course, I did that. This was the last concert of the tour, the biggest concert of the tour. 300-400 Italian people in the audience.  When I finished the song, everybody stood up and started to scream: Brava, brava, bravissima.

That moment, I looked around, and I said to myself… I will be a violinist. This was the moment when I decided and this was my inspiration for becoming a performer. 

Do you remember the first song you ever played on violin?

Of course. It was a little Hungarian song in the very basic violin book. Egy boszorka van. Which means: There is a witch

What is your absolute favorite composition to play?

I am not sure I can answer this question. There are so many beautiful songs and compositions in so many different styles and I love so many of them. I don’t think I could choose just one.

Is there a song that is especially difficult that you haven’t been able to master yet?

The thing is, that in the classical repertoire there are thousands of incredible pieces. Unfortunately a whole life is not enough to master all of them. Not because of the difficulty level. Just because to master a classical piece you really need time. So of course there are many classical pieces which I have not mastered yet, but also I do not play so much classical music anymore.

If I would choose one classical song, which I did not master yet and I would love to master it one day, is: Ysaye: Sonata No 3 in D minor, Ballade Op. 27

What drives you? What inspires you to be the very best you can?

My Grandfather. He was an incredible violinist and composer. He made his own music as well, he wrote magical songs. His biggest dream was to come to the United States and perform his songs there for American audiences. Unfortunately because of the political situation in Hungary that time, it never happened and he never made it to the USA. This is what drives me. This is the reason why I moved to the United States and this is the reason why I became a violinist. I would like to make his dreams come true and I will do everything in my power to share his story and his music and his life with everybody in the USA. I really hope one day people will sing his songs.

What is the largest crowd that you’ve ever performed for?

12 thousand people 

Do you ever get stage fright, and if so, how do you overcome it?

Not really. I am a little nervous only before the concert backstage. But maybe only 2-3-5 min before the show. However it only lasts until the first song. When I play the first song and I can feel the people’s energy I feel perfect and home on stage.

Tell us about your home in Miami, FL. How is it different from Hungary?

I think if you want to talk about this, we need to have another interview and talk only about it. 🙂

It is very very very different. Not only Miami compared to Budapest. I would say the USA compared to Europe. I think the only thing in common is that in both places people live. 🙂 Besides jokes… I love both places and no one can say which place is better. There are so many great things in the USA, which we do not have in Europe at all and there are so many beautiful things in Europe which we do not have in the USA. People are different, food is different, culture is different. Even the way we put gas in the car is different. 

But seriously, I am more than happy to talk much more about this in another interview. 🙂

You have a new single coming out, “Palladio.” Can you tell us all about it?

Palladio is one of my favorite songs composed by Karl Jenkins. It’s a relatively new song, but still has an amazing classical style, kind of Vivaldi, which is very rare in nowadays music.  I am working on two new albums at the moment:  The World on My Strings and Redemption.

The first one is going to come out this year. It will have only cover songs from around the world. Of course all in my personal arrangement. I have been to more than 90 countries and 150 cities around the world. I learned so much about cultures, people, music etc. I often say, My violin is my passport. 

However I know, unfortunately many people around the world are not able to travel. I will dedicate this album to those people. I will ask them to come with me to a musical journey. I will take you around the world with my violin without you needing to buy a flight ticket or without leaving your living room. Of course I can’t put 90 songs from 90 countries on the album, because the journey would be too long then. 🙂 But I will put beautiful songs from Hungary, USA, Italy, Croatia, France, Serbia, Israel, England etc. Palladio will be one of the songs from the album.

There is an amazing video for the song. Tell us about that.

Thank you so much. Yes the video was recorded in a Hungarian Theater and it has a very important message so I really hope many many people around the world will receive this message from us.  In the 4 minutes of the video the audience can perfectly witness how a woman-(artist) can become independent of men relying completely on herself.  According to the Recording Academy, less than a quarter of the artists on the charts last year were women. I think the video makes a powerful statement showing a woman taking center stage and claiming her worth as an artist.

Thank you again for your time. We appreciate it! Good luck with the new single and video!

Thank you so much. It was my pleasure. 



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