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Jeremy Rice’s “Why Do You Lie”

The truth is, pop rocker Jeremy Rice’s new single “Why Do You Lie” is feverishly fun. Backed by a solid band and accompanied with a music video that begs to be danced and sang along to, “Why Do You Lie” has all the makings to be that go-to song on your playlist. A dash of French (Rice hails from Quebec, Canada) makes the song even more intriguing, as does the peppered array of pop and rock flavors. This song is all fun and games and it’s an easy ‘yes’ to join that ride. 

URL: https://www.jeremyrice.net/

“Why Do You Lie” is from Rice’s latest album, The End Of The Highway. The album is a follow-up to 2019’s Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa. Broad strokes wise, Rice continues to present to listeners a keen ear for wildly fun guitar licks and riffs, a tight band sound and energized rock songs that bleed into both pop and classic rock. You won’t be heavy metal crazed, but you might find yourself falling back into love with the rock and roll sound and its treasured, albeit nostalgic feel. What makes “Why Do You Lie” such a joy, if you will, is that the energy is just as lively and spunky as if it were 1987 or 1989 all over again. You feel like you have one foot in the past, but one giant step into the present. 

The smoothness in the rock bedrock is thrilling. I was equally impressed with the ease and the personality that escapes via Rice’s vocals. It helped to visualize this characteristic, but even if there wasn’t a music video, I think you can hear within the soundscape the sound of a confident artist. He really sounds like he’s having the time of his life and has carved out a sound that matches his charisma. Heavy is not the heart in this case – it’s a roar of a good time with a drumbeat that kicks things way into high gear. 

The music video is a merry mix of montages of moving color, intermixed like a fashion magazine from the sixties, but think classic colors like purples, blues and greens. It’s not the psychedelic sixties, but rather the golden age of advertising. The movement of the shapes and the bold, vibrant colors further brings the song to life. I felt like the song and the video jumped beyond the fourth wall. The band is also featured and they are in on the fun – with great closeups and inlays. It’s like a moving Look Magazine multimedia show. 

“Why Do You Lie” has a lot going for it – as does singer/songwriter Rice. I loved the presentation, the vibe of this song. It made me feel like I was in a good mood and wanted to keep listening. He’s definitely got a new fan, and I highly recommend keeping Rice on your radar. “Why Do You Lie” is one of 2022’s best singles. Rice is a rockstar – a subtle rockstar -but a star on the rise. 

Mindy McCall



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