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Mark Henry Ham Releases ”Casper”

Mark Henry Ham fuses Americana with colorful lyrics on his zesty new album Casper. Ham creates an atmospheric listening experience through joyous melodies reminiscent of a bygone era. Ham doesn’t just sing songs, he tells stories a trait of Americana that’s prevalent throughout  Casper. Ham expertly takes the best aspects of Americana and blends them with his musical taste and classic rock voice. He’s able to maneuver through all the genre’s that inspire him including blues and adult contemporary. This explorative nature enriches Casper, making the overall listening experience even more dynamic. Ham isn’t afraid to address a myriad of topics and feelings either. Casper takes its listeners on an emotional and musical journey like no other.

BANDCAMP: https://markhenryham.bandcamp.com/album/casper

I’m immediately struck by the variety of songs on Casper. Ham can go from a powerful rock anthem to a soft folk song effortlessly. All share the same narrative style lyrics and personal anecdotes binding them together through Ham’s essence. Ham’s music never feels unrecognizable, even if he’s singing a more country tune it still feels like his song. Every track on Casper shares the same amount of joy, wonder, and love. Ham has been working on these songs over the past few years, creating a well-rounded and balanced collection of songs. There’s a little bit of everything on Casper, which allows it to satisfy any mood that could possibly come over you while you’re listening. There’s “Green Light” an energized rock anthem, the country leaning “Its A Long Way Home,” and the beautiful folk song, “I Wish I Could See Your Smile Once Again.” All of these tracks compliment and lead into the other beautifully and with ease.

Casper had me thinking of long lost memories and moments from my life. This album not only offers listeners nostalgia but it conjures your own. Ham writes his lyrics with such vivid imagery it’s difficult not to see visuals to his music. This allows you to be fully immersed into each song’s  world. The other component at work, are melodies that feel unique to Ham but also have that classic Americana feeling to them that stoke the flames of nostalgia. Casper covers a myriad of topics from heartbreak to discovery to love and back again. The universal nature of these topics allows for you to relate not only to the setting of the songs but also to what Ham is going through or learning from. While you may have never had the fleeting love affair that Ham sings about in “Whatever Happened To Katie,” you can relate to its sun drenched setting and the natural liberation that comes with youth.

I want to delve into the music of Casper because its what had me coming back to certain songs again and again. There’s an equal amount of hard hitting songs and feel-good songs on Casper but none leave you feeling devastated. While the tear-jerkers are vulnerable and honest they often are told from a reflective perspective that makes it feel more heartfelt than anything else. There’s a lot of feeling packed into every song that leaves you more inspired than when you came into it. Its the melodies however that gently remind you that everything is going to be okay no matter what happens. “Whatever Happened To Katie” tells the story of a fleeting love affair with a woman named Katie, and, staying true to the title, covers the wonder’s Ham had about her life after their affair. A sunny upbeat melody propels “Whatever Happened To Katie” into a classic rock daydream. I found myself longing for a summer fling and remembered how magical summers were when I was a child. No matter the song’s subject matter or the genre Ham is leaning into his melodies make you feel better and more inspired about your future.

I HEART RADIO: https://www.iheart.com/artist/mark-henry-ham-37775024/

Mark Henry Ham’s new album Casper is the album you didn’t know you needed this summer. If you’ve been down or needed to return to a less complex time in your life then this is the album you’ve been waiting for. Casper is a masterfully crafted album that is full of instant classics. Ham has made an original album that’s tuned into the spirit of Americana and pure joy. I am so excited to see what else Ham does in the future and what other topics, sounds, and genre’s he will explore. I do know that they’ll reunite you with feelings and memories you thought were long gone, don’t miss Casper out now!

Mindy McCall



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