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“Open When” by SistersJ

SistersJ are bringing back the evocative nature of the love song with their debut single “Open When.” If you thought romance was dead SistersJ are here to ask you to think again. “Open When” is the lively, vital single from Nashville based newcomers, SistersJ. Real life sisters Elizabeth and Lily Jackson make up SistersJ but these two have been harmonizing for as long as they can remember. Music has always been in the cards for SistersJ both Elizabeth and Lily are no strangers to performing for crowds or in onstage productions. With charismatic vocals that have the ability to transcend time and space SistersJ are ones to watch out for. Their spin on the love song will get your heart to start beating again. “Open When” is an extremely vulnerable yet vibrant tale of handling love that is separated by distance.

There are so many songs about love, romance, and heartbreak one’s head could spin. Its rare to find a song that truly moves you because there is a honesty in it that stays with you. Or more often than not, love songs, no matter how flowery their melodies are, can still leave you feeling down but that’s not the case with “Open When.” This track makes you feel better as you listen to it. It addresses the complexities of the heart but also offers you a solution to ease the pain. That is  structure of “Open When,” the way SistersJ bring it to life is what makes this single so incredible. SistersJ embody the wisdom of the lyrics vocally, echoing the feelings of longing and hope. There’s a presence to SistersJ combined vocal range that makes their harmonies downright heavenly. There’s something inherently sacred about SistersJ’s vocals that elevates “Open When” into a moving tale of romance.

The production of “Open When” is simple but effective. The track is well-balanced, the melody isn’t lost against the powerful vocals and the songs message can be heard loud and clear. There’s a sweetness in the keyboards that support SistersJ’s vocals, highlighting the feelings of purity and love that “Open When” evokes. But main event is the vocals, which are so layered and evocative I found myself dreaming of an acapella version of “Open When.” I like how comfortable SistersJ are in their sound, there’s a lived-in quality to their performance that suggests they’ve been singing this song for years. I appreciate that the positivity of this track is embedded in the melody and lyrics from start to finish. It doesn’t waver in its moods and feelings, instead it seems to raise you higher and higher which is what makes this track so remarkable.

I was blown away by the artistry you can feel and hear in “Open When.” SistersJ didn’t just release a hit single, they have established themselves as talented young musicians. They took one of the most common genre’s and made it their own in one swoop. I’ve never heard a love song that sounds like this and has had such a profoundly positive (and instant) effect on my mood. “Open When” checks all of those boxes by marrying dreaminess with realness, a match made in heaven. SistersJ are so comfortable in their sound and vocals that they have the ability to take their sound whatever direction they desire. Its a rare feat for any artist to have that much musical mobility but SistersJ have it naturally. I cannot wait to see where SistersJ decide to take their artistry and their sound as they grow as artists and people.

“Open When” is here to move you and revitalize your spirit this summer. Whether you’re dealing with a long distance relationship, relationship troubles, or have been feeling down, “Open When” is the song for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re even in a relationship, this song will make you feel better, that’s the power that SistersJ have.

“Open When” is redefining the love song by soaking it in positivity and good vibes, don’t miss it! Listen to “Open When” out now!

Mindy McCall



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