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Vineet Releases “Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game)”

Vineet Singh Hukmani’s recent run of hit singles has left mouths agape throughout the entertainment world and he’s ready to keep the streak alive. His new single “Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game)” has all of the signature elements defining his successful work thus far and a little more. Listeners are treated to his excellent production, the accompanying polished video, and his evocative vocals and it isn’t difficult for casual and hardcore music lovers alike to latch onto the track.

His vocals for the song may be his finest yet. Vineet has undoubtedly worked hard to achieve the desired texture, but it’s notable how relaxed and effortless it sounds. Vineet’s singing strikes a spontaneous note because the vocalist is so thoroughly “inside” of each performance, and it allows us to suspend disbelief and be enchanted by his spell. It’s particularly potent magic here. The smooth timbre of his delivery is another highlight and when he sings that he wants to be a part of his loved one’s game, the longing is palpable.

It’s a thoroughly modern pop arrangement. You won’t find any obvious instances of Vineet imitating anyone, however, and he emerges from this song, like others, possessing a singular style. The pre-programmed instruments carrying the song musically aren’t dry and unforgiving, as naysayers of such fare like to carp, but warm and inviting. It’s modern pop, as well, in terms of its length – Vineet has shaped this track to just the right duration for audiences of today without ever leaving anyone feeling cheated.


The video for the song is vibrant and full of color. Clips of Vineet performing for the camera are interspersed with evocative cuts to various beautiful women. In a sense, Vineet’s song doesn’t have to be about a particular woman, it can be about all women, the ideal wish-fulfillment of the songwriter’s quest for love. It’s the open-ended depth that Vineet gives us with the material and it translates well into video form.

It’s reassuring to hear and see that success hasn’t slowed Vineet down at all. His performing and musical talents aren’t regional, they deserve a global stage, and there’s a spark of inspiration present in everything he does. It never looks or feels like it’s by the numbers. He’s a multimedia artist, as well, whose creativity isn’t satisfied by music alone – his powerful convergence of the sonic and visual sets him apart in a world still inexplicably full of one-trick ponies still resisting change.

Performers such as Vineet are leading the charge into the future. They aren’t springing forth from the traditional centers of budding talent; they are increasingly global. They’ve brought their own sensibilities and experiences to music that has desperately craved re-invention for some time. Modern pop music is in safe hands with artists such as Vineet Singh Hukmani and there’s no reason to think he won’t be producing top-notch material for years, even decades, to come. “Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game)” reaffirms his gifts for that sort of longevity. 

Mindy McCall



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  1. I really like Vineet’s new song. Thank you for the recommendation.

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