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6 Tips To Help All Musicians Calm Their Nerves Before A Gig

It is every musician’s dream to get on stage and perform. However, when this opportunity comes around, it can quickly feel daunting. The thought of performing in front of a huge crowd is enough to make your mouth dry up and your palms sweaty. If you struggle with pre-gig nerves, this article will share some tips on how to overcome them. We cover everything from finding distractions with online casino guides to practicing breathing exercises.

Establish A Relaxation Routine

One of the best things you can do before a gig is establish your own relaxing routine. This will differ between people depending on their interests. For example, some musicians may find it relaxing to engage in a workout in the run-up to a gig, while others might seek comfort in sitting in a quiet room and reading a book. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at some relaxing activity ideas online. Once you establish your relaxation routine, you will find it easier to get your nerves under control, and it can help you get in the right frame of mind to perform.

Watch Motivational Speeches Online

If you want to combat your pre-gig nerves, you need to find something that will pump you up and give you the motivation to go out there and smash your performance. Watching motivational videos and reading positive affirmations is a great place to start. These videos and quotes are there to motivate you and help you see the positives in your life experiences. It can give you the push you need to get on stage and can surprisingly help you feel more confident. You can find plenty of motivational speeches on video streaming platforms like YouTube. Why not give it a go to see if it works for you?

Find A Distraction

Anxious thoughts can feel pretty overwhelming at the best of times. To avoid them, you need to find a distraction in the run-up to your gig. It can be anything from listening to music on your phone to playing games in online casinos. Online games are a great distraction because they provide a source of entertainment. Most games require you to use your problem-solving skills, which are an excellent distraction from your nervous thoughts. If you want to find some of the best online casinos that offer a large variety of games, take a look at these guides by Online Casino Review. They give you valuable information that can help you find the right games for you.

Practice As Much As Possible

Sometimes, nerves can stem from the thought of feeling unprepared. So, when it comes to your upcoming gig, make sure you get as much practice as possible. You may not have time to get back on stage before your audience arrives. Instead, don’t hesitate to practice in front of your friends and family members. Doing this will help build up your confidence – so you are ready to take on the stage. If you are playing a gig to a large crowd, practice in front of smaller crowds in local venues. It helps you feel more prepared, which is vital for helping you tackle those pre-stage nerves.

Use Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a simple tactic, but one that is very effective at helping people calm their nerves. Most breathing exercises will help you feel relaxed and increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. So, if you feel overwhelmed before a gig, find a quiet space and practice your breathing exercises. You can find plenty of example breathing exercises online to help you. The key to this tactic is to be as comfortable as possible. Avoid practicing these exercises in a noisy room where there is a lot going on. Instead, find a place where you feel relaxed and don’t wear clothes that are too restrictive.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Although some might think drinking alcohol before a gig will help calm their nerves, it doesn’t. In fact, it has the opposite effect and can increase your anxiety levels. If you want to tackle your nerves, it is wise to go into your gig with a clear head. Avoid stimulants like alcohol and caffeine and instead, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a decent meal before you need to perform. Sure, you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage after your gig has finished, but no one wants to perform while drunk. Trust us when we say it is not always a great look, and you will most likely regret it in the morning.


By using these tips above, your pre-gig nerves will soon become a distant memory. Whether you need to be distracted by online casino guides – or engage in some relaxing activities, there is no denying that there are plenty of things you can try out. It’s time to tackle those nerves head-on!



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