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The 4 Best Uses of QR Codes in Film Production

The film industry was one of the early adaptors of QR code technology. On top of using them in promotional materials, some filmmakers have found a way to include them in their production shipments, screenplay, set design, and other aspects of filmmaking.

It’s easy to see why a free QR code generator with logo online are being used by filmmakers: they’re easy to use, trackable, engaging, and low-cost.

Whether it’s a big or small production, there’s a wide range QR code uses in films, dramas, TV shows, and other forms of visual arts. Here’s how the mainstream media is doing it.

1.  Iron Man 2 – QR code in official posters

Using QR codes just seems fitting in the heart of Iron Man. That’s exactly what the promoters did on the poster for the film. Arguably, this sparked the wave of using QR codes for films as this was way back in 2010 when the movie premiered.

The Iron Man QR code redirected fans to promotional materials inclusive of photos, trailers, and other information about the film.

The promoters also made sure that the website it redirects to is as mobile-friendly as possible for a better user experience.

2.  Ready Player One – QR codes in set design

If you have a keen eye for detail, there’s a scene in the trailer for Ready Player One where a truck flipped after a series of car crashes. This appears at exactly 2:03 on the YouTube timestamp of the official trailer.

Once you scan the URL QR code, you’re redirected to the official website of the film.

What’s neat is, Ready Player One is a sci-fi futuristic film that features technologies like AI, VR, AR, and more. Using QR codes is very fitting, as it’s in line with the concept, theme, and genre of the film.

3.  Inception – QR code in promotional materials

‘Trippy’ is an understatement for the movie Inception. To promote the movie, the posters included cryptic messages about dreams, reality, and the blur between them.

These were distributed across the U.S. and immediately started an onlinebuzz.

Once the QR code on these posters are scanned, people are greeted with blogs, photos, and videos that discuss the mystical world of psycho-thrillers. This capitalized on people’s curiosity about the mind, which helped the movie gain more traction once the opening show started.

4.  Red Notice – QR code for bloopers and BTS

Nothing viewers more than exclusive behind-the-scenes and bloopers from their favorite movies and actors. The team behind the promotion of Red Notice included an easter egg that users can scan to see the bloopers.

With effective marketing strategies such as activations around the world and social media hype, the movie has found great success at the box office.

Plus, it’s only been released in 2022, showing how QR codes are still relevant for filmmakers today.


Integrate QR codes into your film production

There’s an undeniable success in integrating a QR code software as QRTIGER into film production. The best part is, generating them is generally free!

You simply have to visit an advanced QR code generator, follow the instructions, and convert almost any file type into a QR code.



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