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UK’s Vox Releases New Music

If you were looking for an excuse to visit Hawaii this Summer, then Singer/Songwriter, Vox, is here to provide it. His new single, “Aloha Salsa” inspired by the art of the dance, is also an effective infomercial for the allure of Honolulu. Vox’s history is a story of self-discovery through travel, education, and life experience. Originally from Great Britain, Vox began his music career as the frontman for a rock band. Through several mutations, he found a different side of himself, musically, arriving to his present day persona.

By all impressions, this is Vox’s first foray into this somewhat hybrid genre. He fell in love with Salsa and the Rumba, and was moved enough to pen a song about it. In many ways, he is a modern day explorer. He discovers new customs and cultures through travel and absorbing the sacred knowledge. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he’s been doing Salsa all of his life. He loves to dance and we learn more about this as we learn more about him.

“Aloha Salsa” is uniquely composed, yet conventionally digested. It’s the type of song you instinctively paint a mental picture to, as you hear it. Still, credit has to go to Vox and company for composing something so authentic. He seems a natural product of this culture, and has stated that many people are often thrown off by his British accent. He’s a student in every sense of the word, studying every aspect of something, before applying it.

Truth be told, it’s the music video for “Aloha Salsa,” that is an essential accessory to the track. We get a clearer understanding of what Vox is trying to accomplish and what has inspired him in the first place. The footage of Honolulu is nothing short of breathtaking, Vox navigates the exotic island. We see several locals and a variety of tourists, interacting with Vox. Of course, everyone is dancing throughout the video, appearing to have the time of their lives. Cliché as it may be, it seems that time becomes a non-entity for those in a tropical paradise.

By this time next year, or quite possibly, sooner, Vox will have likely found his next passion. Of course, it’s just as likely that he falls in love with Hawaii, and never leaves. In Vox, many of us see something that we wish to be a part of ourselves. His sense of adventure is second nature to him, seeing every corner of the World that he possibly can. He’s the man who ends up with countless stories and sagely advice, brought upon by his abundant life experience. You can now find “Aloha Salsa,” across all major streaming platforms.

Mindy McCall



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