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Christen Cooper Drops New Single

Christen Cooper is still on the hunt for the guy of her dreams, the guy that she wants to be in a relationship with. In her new song, “That Kind Of Guy” Cooper is precise about just what that means and it includes that he wears a hoodie. Fashion accessory aside, Cooper’s track is a bouncy mix of country pop fans of Carrie Underwood, early Taylor Swift and even Faith Hill should adore. Serenading like a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it, Cooper deploys a generous amount of fun in this gem. 

Featuring a plunky-guitar, the opening beats to “That Kind Of Guy” are awash with sunlight harmonies and pesky rhythm. The jaunt of this song, if you will, is happy-go-lucky, with a dreamy mix of slide guitar (very faint) sheen. I found the music bed to be a fusion of pop rock and country. It’s one you can dance to on a Saturday night, yet you can chill out on the sun porch swing on a Sunday late morning. Guys might think this isn’t the song for them – and they could be right on that. Still, if you isolate the music alone, the rowdy groove is percolated enough to keep that engine running. 

Sounding relaxed and singing as though she were conversing with friends, Cooper’s vocals come for a midrange home. She sounds wholesome in this song and it’s radio friendly. At the end of some of her lines she sings as though she were writing in cursive, with tiny loops or twangs emphasized on certain words. She’s not overbearing or trying to sound country; the music just calls for that tone. I think her voice could really sing a grander song – but again, “That Kind Of Guy” doesn’t call for the big vocals. This song to me is also like her manifesting her ‘dream’ guy. I think she’s saying it out loud and she’s a modest person. Her voice sounds so kind and optimistic. 

I think many young girls will be able to connect with her on this – that shyness is both endearing and appreciated. That alone makes her stand out among female artists and in many ways, that’s just as empowering. “That Kind Of Guy” possesses innocence. For younger listeners still trying to navigate love and relationships, this is a safe bet. I think it’s also safe to say, though, that parents and older listeners will have just as much fun listening. They will for sure smile and realize that Cooper is very talented. She really excels at making the listener feel alive and the words just jump – that kind of synergy can’t be fabricated in a music studio. You have it or you don’t. 

Cooper, who hails from Intermountain West, an area that includes Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, has been named to the “Ones To Watch” list by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Her other releases include “We Just Fit” and “Glow Up”. Overall, “That Kind Of Guy” is one of her best yet. 

Mindy McCall



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