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“And So It Begins” by Sp8ce Owl

Even without the addition of its keen soundtrack, the music video for the new single “And So It Begins” by Sp8ce Owl is quite the entrancing document all on its own. When integrating the music with the visuals we’re gifted in this video, there’s such a strong sense of hypnotizing calm that I wouldn’t recommend being near the controls of heavy machinery – mostly because whoever is within earshot is likely to get lost in the sonic bliss around them. Sp8ce Owl has toyed with this kind of territory before, but I think they might have set the bar just a little higher with the release of this latest offering.

The instrumental construction of “And So It Begins” follows a linear path towards an unconventional climax, but if you’re under the impression that it’s going to take a little while for this track to find its center after pressing the play button, you’re in for quite the treat. Truth be told, there isn’t a moment in which Sp8ce Owl isn’t captivating us with the depth of the music in this performance, and I would even go so far as to say that thanks to the nature of the mix, we’re able to get so much more out of the texture in this track than we would have in any other setting.

I personally don’t see where lyrics would have made any difference in the expressiveness of “And So It Begins,” but instead likely would have got in the way of the story that’s unfolding before our ears in this performance. There’s such a passive warmth to the flow of the music that I can’t imagine verses sticking in between the melodic pulses and trying to clarify the feelings being touched on in the harmonies. It’s bigger than words, and that’s obvious from the get-go in this song.

The production quality here is top-notch, but setting that aside allows for us to really appreciate how precise an execution Sp8ce Owl is offering us at the helm of the track. “And So It Begins” benefits a lot from the clean execution we’re getting here, but I don’t know that it would be any different were we hearing it played live compared to what we’re getting in this studio version, at least with regards to how tightly performed it would be. This isn’t amateur hour, but instead, a new standard being set in a scene filled with vibrant talent right now.

We need a lot more selfless work in pop music along the lines of what we’ve got in “And So It Begins,” and whether you’re versed in this kind of sound or not, I recommend finding out what all of the fuss over Sp8ce Owl is about for yourself this summer. This is a single that will grab you with both hands and take you on a cerebral adventure outside of the conventionality you’re likely used to in pop, and for me, it couldn’t be a better time to take such an excursion.

Mindy McCall



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