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Brenda Carsey Releases ‘Party’s Over”

When it comes to crafting the next big pop “thing,” there’s never been a blueprint — even with the new rise of the almighty algorithm, nothing can truly predict what it is the masses will be drawn to, so the best thing for an artist to do is to focus on themselves and curate the sound they feel drawn and tied to. In Brenda Carsey’s case, however, staying in her lane and doing her own thing has never been a problem, and every new release from her continues to feel like a breath of fresh air as a result. Her latest, “Party’s Over,” blends piano ballads with jazzy pop and enough theatricality to make Freddie Mercury proud; from eclectic time signature changes and jaunty choruses, there’s nothing quite like the music Carsey is helming.


Coming back into the musical fray with another single, Carsey has been nothing but busy for the last few years. After releasing a full-length, multi-genre album in 2020 under the title Box Cutter (featuring a hefty portion of ambitious instrumental tracks), “Party’s Over” marks the fourth single from Carsey in the last year, and it’s a significant addition to her eclectic discography. There’s plenty to grab onto from Brenda Carsey’s decade-long career but add on the fact that she’s been performing since the age of 5 and the ambitious, always-working artistic mentality that Carsey carries with her begins to make more sense. “Party’s Over” feels like a perfect second-half to her most recent single “Just Trying To Do My Thing,” and this new era of style and sound for Brenda Carsey is an organic, fresh direction for the singer-songwriter.

“Where will you be when the party’s over? When the lights get switched back on. Where will you be when the party’s over? When the girlies are all gone, when you’ve rolled your last spliff babe, and your coolness fades away, yeah. Where will you be when the party’s over? You’ll be dreaming about me.” Talk about a hook you won’t be able to get out of your head and one with a great core message at that! As for what this catchy single means in regards to future material for Carsey, it’s still too early to tell, but something seems to be on the way; between the last two singles feeling like companion pieces and the album art feeling complementary, one can assume news of a new project will arrive any day now.

Regardless, “Party’s Over” is an unabashed send-up to theatrical pop that will undoubtedly catch the ears of fans both old and new; with so much work under her belt, there’s a deft quality to Carsey’s attention to detail when it comes to the production of a memorable pop track, and her latest work is no exception. There may not be a blueprint for what makes a pop track a hit, but Brenda Carsey still seems intent on making her own algorithm do the heavy lifting as each track of hers lands with immaculate presence.

Mindy McCall



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