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Best Music for Writing

For most college students, writing can be a very tedious and daunting task, especially when there are a lot of them to work on with limited time as a deadline for submitting them.

And sometimes, even the best students at writing face a period when they lack the motivation to write. While there are many alternatives to solve this problem, music can help give you the necessary inspiration and atmosphere to start your writing assignment.

Unlike the old popular opinion, some people have that music would be a distraction while writing or studying. Recent studies have proven otherwise. However, you can get professional academic help from essay writing services to meet the deadlines you have ahead of you.

Listening to music while writing can increase your creativity, making it easier to put your words together, relieve stress, and improve your writing. Some music genres have proven to be very effective in motivating students to write their essays.

The Best Music for Writing Essays

Music has proven to be an excellent motivation to inspire you to write your essays, and different music genres can be of help. So we have carefully compiled a list of music you can choose from.

Classical music

Classical music is good for writing your essay; it helps you have an imaginary picture in your mind of what you are writing. Hence, you can give undivided attention to the essay assignment you are working on.

Classical music is said to be arguably the most played when writing, even among professional writers, regardless of what the essay is based on. It gives the right creativity you need in your writing without disturbing your writing process.

Moreso, it can be a way to deal with unnecessary distractions while you write, and classical songs come with inspirations capable of making you come up with professional essay writing.

Some recommended classical songs and composers for writing:

  • Essential Mozart: Flute and harp concerto in C
  • Fantasia in D minor, K. 397 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Saints-Saens: The Swan (Le Cygne) – Carnival of Animals
  • Sibelius – Andante Festivo
  • Sonata No. 14 “Moonlight” in C- sharp minor by Paul Lewis and Ludwig van Beethoven

Electronic music

Electronic music is also called Electronica. It is another good music that can work for you, giving you the right motivation to write and finish your essay.

Some writers don’t like writing while playing classical or other music genres but prefer writing while playing electronic music for a large amount of their writing time because of the mood it gives them.

Electronica doesn’t come with the distraction associated with other types of music genres that have lyrics because some of these songs distort the vocals, which won’t get you attached to the song’s lyrics.

Some recommendations on electronic music are

  • Blitz by Digitalism
  • Next, I’m ready – Vitalic
  • Big Gigantic
  • Nothing Ever Hurts Ashworth remix by Ben Pearce, Shadow child, and Laurel.

Music in a foreign language

Have you ever tried this out? Listening to foreign language music while writing your essay can be a way to motivate and give you the right mood to write without distracting your writing process.

After all, the music is in a foreign language you are naive of, so it’s almost impossible to be distracted or attached to the song’s lyrics. You can’t sing along; hence it helps you to focus more on your essay assignment.

Listening to music in a foreign language allows you to listen to the music genre of your choice (from jazz to pop, e.t.c) without being distracted by it. Just pick a language you don’t understand, search for your preferred music style, and keep writing.

Some recommendations for you

  • Buena Vista Social Club (Spanish)
  • Jane Bordeaux (Hebrew)
  • Korean indie/Chill/R&B (Korean)
  • Spanish Tapas Bar (Spanish)
  • Soweto beat/Township jive (South African)

White noise

Many writers’ choice of music depends on what they are writing about and their mood. As a student, when writing your essay assignment, it’s advisable not to do so in a tranquil atmosphere to avoid being dreary, which can be a huge distraction for you.

Many people have used white noise as an aid in sleep. However, it can be good background noise for writing as it breaks the silence and the chain of boredom that might slow your pace as you write.

If you are the type of student who doesn’t want total silence and also gets easily distracted when there is much noise, white noise is a perfect choice you should go for as it will help increase your productivity while maintaining focus as you write.

Some recommendations you can choose as you write:

  • Water sounds natural White noise
  • Celestial white noise
  • Simply noise

Rock music

Although, it’s pretty rare to find a student or writer’s choice of music to be Rock music while writing because it can be a bit distracting.

As a student, producing quality essay writing requires that you are focused and avoid every bit of distraction. 

However, there can be exceptions, although not so common, because what works for everyone is different. Rock music can be the best choice to get you in the right mood to write.

Some students can prefer rock music while writing, and it won’t distort their writing process. Your choice of music genre is about finding what works best for you.

Some recommendations you can choose from:

  • Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
  • Free bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Movie and video game soundtracks

There are movies and video games that have good soundtracks that can get you the right motivation and inspiration you need.

Choose a movie or video game soundtrack that fits the mood you need to start and complete your essay assignment.

As a student, as you write your essay, The movie soundtrack can bring back the thrilling emotions of the movie, which can help you tap into your creativity and produce good essay writing.

A video game soundtrack is an exciting and fun means to revive your creativity as you write if Rock music and other music genres don’t suit you.

Some recommendations you can choose from.

  • The Lord of the Rings soundtrack
  • Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
  • Game of Thrones soundtrack
  • Pandora’s movie soundtracks music station.
  • “Inception” soundtrack.
  • Pandora’s video game music station.


Listening to music while writing has proven to be beneficial and a way to spark creativity in your writing and makes writing less tedious and daunting for students.

Choosing the best music genre while writing is essential. Despite the importance music brings to aid your writing process, it can also distract you, for instance, if you know the song’s lyrics and begin to sing along.

To produce quality writing requires full attention, which is why music with no lyrics is considered the best when it comes to writing to avoid distraction. Get an excellent piece from the above suggestions, and have fun as you write.



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