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Exclusive Interview with Gaile T Hughes

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today  Gaile T. Hughes. We are loving your song – “In Due Time”.How did you choose this as your lead single?

The song was inspired by my many years of working in the church as a Christian Education Min., Sunday School teacher, and study of scripture. The saying “in God’stime” was such a powerful, overarching phrase of uplift, hope, and faith that I immediately heard a song in which this was discussed. The words and music just came to me and I thought that it was such an appropriate song for the tough times we are living in. People need to hang on and trust that God will come through in His timing.

Tell us about yourself – when did you start pursuing music?

Actually, I didn’t pursue music. Music pursued me. This is my first project. I’ve also written and published Sunday school books for children. I was born and raised in Nashville. I have a master’s degree in Communication and a masters degree in English. The song came to me while I was alone at church. I was thinking about some of my own personal challenges and the thought came to me that in due time God was going to resolve these issues for me. All the subsequent lyrics came immediately after the first line. I consider myself a visionary and a writer, really with no musical background whatsoever. But I believe that many verses and Christian sayings can become songs
through collaboration with the right forces to make it so.

If you could choose any artist to go on tour with, who would it be and why?

The Clark Sisters because I like their upbeat and uplifting lyrics. Their harmony is powerful. I could see myself writing songs for them. I’m not a singer or an artist so I would play more of a behind the scenes role!

If we were riding in your car with you, what music would we hear coming out of the speakers?

It would be music from The Clark Sisters, Tamela Mann, and CeCe Winans. It is their musical style that I wanted to emulate in my own song. You would also hear my song, “In Due Time”. I also enjoy jazz and old school as well!

Any other plans to release more music this year?

Even though we are looking at project concepts, no more releases are planned for this year, but we certainly expect to drop something next year so stay tuned!!

Tell our readers where they can find you on social media and listen to your new music?

The song can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube – all the major platforms. As anovice in this musical business, we are working on my social media presence and willkeep you posted on when these outlets are launched!

End of Interview



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