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“My Friend” by Joanna Borne talks of what quicker connections have done to friendships.

Rising artist Joanna Borne says, “Music has always been how I express myself freely and connect to people; all of my songs are written from real emotions inspired by real experiences; this song is no different. I’m hoping I give people something they value, can relate to, and make their own.” And with her new song, “My Friend” she has done just that.

With her unique sound and messages she is bound to meet audiences of all types, yet her final product suits just about everyone. In her new release she talks about how there is nothing like being in the present with a friend, rid of all distractions, technology, and schedules. However, in a world that is moving quickly towards fast, convenient connection, with new technology and apps, she couldn’t help but feel ever more isolated and lonely as the genuine feeling of their presence was becoming less and less.

On the topic of production, Joanna talks about how this song actually stemmed from a health scare she had while in a country alone with no family. Worried of burdening or bringing down others despite a quick phone call, she put her symptoms off until she was in a hospital, wishing she had reached out and had someone in the hospital room with her keeping her company. She recalls, When I was told they suspected I had lupus, from my bloodwork, I was devastated and afraid, wishing I had someone there physically. I just never thought I would be getting a diagnosis like that! So I really just played it off until I was in that life changing moment alone wishing I had someone with me. This theme of not wanting to bother people or bring people down has really gotten in the way of my ability to connect with the people I love.”

Whether you are aware of it or not, everyone has felt this burden complex at least once in their life. And when it is easier than ever to silence a call, we find ourselves not picking up the phone at all even if we need someone.

What Joanna talks about in her music is very real, and may be hard to admit, but will provide comfort to more listeners than she could ever imagine. Listen to “My Friend” now on all streaming platforms, including YouTube:

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