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IndiePulse Reviews: Beasties: A Sci​-​Fi Rock Opera

Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera

Produced by Gary Sohmers

Music now on Bandcamp

Imagine if you will, an artistic musical concept that is a blend of the weirdness of Weird Al, the musical ingenuity and creativity of Frank Zappa, and ethical lyrical tone linen to George Carlin with an animated front man like Bobcat Goldthwait … yes, and that’s just a start.

From the artists page, the storyline of this project: “Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera” is a story about a rock band that finally has a hit record after years of touring, performing a free concert in Central Park that attracts a huge crowd. But, without telling the band, the promoter sold a sponsorship to a corrupt politician, Dick T.Raitor, who interrupts the concert in an attempt to hijack the audience’s attention. The hero, Grā (pronounced: Gray), currently a stagehand and a retired singer, is affected by an alien intervention from an otherworldly impulse—which infuses within him a schizophrenic identity with special powers—to make humanity aware of their inner Beasties. Two intertwined rock and roll love stories, one between humans and one between the universe and the sci-fi rock known as earth, to save the planet from climate destruction by societal corruption.”

Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera is a semi-serious, semi-fictitious and all fun creative musical project by Gary Sohmers and Bill Holloman, aided by the talents of Dave Bickler, Chris Farlowe, Barrence Whitfield, Liz Proteau, Gary Sohmers, Bill Holloman, Bill Holloman Jr., LaVon Fisher-Wilson and on Guitar, the very talented Tom Majesky

Created in a series of chapters and “Books”, the story from beginning to end tells a tale of truths, Half Truths and Lies, of corporate style greed and how even the sense of the purest can be bought. As mentioned, the teaser tracks are presently on Bandcamp for your tantalizing pleasures.

The 3 tracks, “Even The Cool Succumb”, “Good Old Friend”, “Stand Up And Be Counted” have a equally enjoyable amount of mirth, but also come across with some political conscious arguments and stories that should be listened to, this was definitely done with a decisive and pointed plan, written by Gary Sohmers, I could visualize this much like a Broadway Musical, Very well done and a joy to experience.

About the creator of Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera- Gary Sohmers, also known as the “King of Pop Culture”, is a producer, appraiser, musician, author, hustler, mentor, and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has produced over 1,000 concerts, produced over 300 collectors shows, and a collectibles dealer for many years. He is widely known as an appraiser of collectibles, pop culture items, and toys on the PBS television series Antiques Roadshow. With a mind guided by intelligence and intelligent design, this Rock Opera embraces the whimsy if only to point out that man is Fillable, inane and can be the cause of their own demise, and maybe the “Beasties” within with the natural need to survive may plunk us in our foreheads hard enough for us to get a clue.

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