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Clay Joule’s Latest Single “Funky Sphere”

Clay Joule’s latest single, “Funky Sphere” is a love letter to airline workers across the world. For whatever reason, Clay has appointed himself an unofficial ambassador for airline employees. That or he just really digs Flight Attendants. Whatever the case, Clay Joule is a rather visionary artist, with an incomparable style. There’s no point in trying to pigeonhole “Funky Sphere,” into any existing genre, so I won’t even try.

Clay Joule is something of a question mark. There’s not really much information on him, but his accent would indicate he either hails from Central or Western Europe. This accent is particularly discernible in his vocal style on the track. The manner in which Clay’s vocals are mixed on “Funky Sphere,” are another example of his uniqueness. His vocals are noticeably low within the mix, though he sounds to have a good voice. It could be a textural tactic, as the song seems designed to make you feel like you’re in the air.

Clay uses a succinct synth setting to Great effect on “Funky Sphere.” In fact, it’s the most prevalent instrument on the song. The tones allow Clay to create something benignly dramatic,  considerably sentimental and even intoxicating. It’s a sensory piece that on the surface has a rudimentary meaning, but due to Clay’s passion, takes on something deeper. Truth be told, air travel is something that has had a rather profound effect on people’s lives since 2020, especially those that provide it.

Clay’s lyrics are somewhat innocently visceral, but do have a bit of a strange undertone. It’s quite possible, that much like Sir Mix-A-Lot, one sole stewardess inspired Clay to pen “Funky Sphere.” In the case of the former, it wasn’t necessarily a stewardess that inspired “Baby Got Back,” but that’s never been confirmed. There’s a sense of romance on “Funky Sphere,” but it’s up for debate, if everyone who hears it will adapt that sentiment. If you choose to look past the awkwardness of the lyrics, then you really have a mostly quality but unorthodox effort.

In the music video for “Funky Sphere,” we see pretty much exactly what you’d expect to. A man booking a flight, and a runway of various stewardesses. It’s not painfully low-budget, but too cheeky to be on anything other than YouTube. It seems that Clay makes a cameo at one point, squirming in his seat in a childlike or drunken manner. There are some references to an excessive consumption of wine in the song, which probably explains a lot.

Taken at face value, “Funky Sphere” is ear pleasing and even a bit immersive. Clay Joule’s somewhat eidetic approach on this piece, makes it stand out and ultimately more impactful. It won’t resonate with everyone, and it’s highly likely that Clay Joule is aware of that. He presumably set out to record something that was meaningful and personal to him. He sounds rather inspired throughout his performance, which certainly counts for something. What’s also certain, is that on “Funky Sphere,” Clay Joule gets a little funky.

Mindy McCall

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