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Exclusive Interview with Cognate Souls

We are chatting today with Cognate Souls. Let’s jump right in. Tell us all about how the group came together!

Unless you’re in college or high school, starting a band is like finding the right puzzle piece. Not the easy puzzle, it’s more like that 1000 piece puzzle where every part looks like a cloud. Kevin started the process in 2019. It was pre-Covid and was a mix of some folks from his church worship team and other musicians. When Covid hit, people’s priorities shifted. Health, work and desire affected availability. Since Kevin was writing and pulling the band together, he continued to search to find the pieces that fit perfectly. It was a long process. Kevin finally found Jonathan on Craigslist (it’s still a thing), and Casen in a Facebook group. Once we all finally found each other, it seemed we finally had the pieces for a cloud.

We are loving listening to your latest single “Milk”. Did the group decide together this would be the next release? Why was this the front runner? 

There are so many stories to tell and so many perspectives from which to tell them. Even releasing a single isn’t really a single because it’s connected to our work before and after. We felt this is a great moment in our story to humanize people many consider vastly different from one another. Also, this song has a slightly different vibe to our previously released songs. We have many sides of who we are and thought it was a good time to show this side of us.

What is your favorite part of pursuing music? Writing, recording, touring? 

Performing. Definitely performing. Each phase has parts we like and don’t like, but performing is definitely the top. Getting to play a song, interact with the crowd and then adjust it in the moment is an amazing and more-collaborative-than-I-think-most-people-realize process. We really want to present something special every time we play and is very much a reflection of the crowd we’re playing in front of. The audience really does make the song.

What do you do for fun outside of music? 

Kevin studies martial arts but is also overly excited about adding to his fedora count. It’s the next thing on his list. Jonathan is a Miami Marlins fanatic and loves baseball. He’s said he would be a baseball writer if he wasn’t pursuing music. He would’ve loved to play but claims he wasn’t good enough. Casen is actually an avid foodie. He loves enjoying the culture that surrounds food and is on a search for the perfect Italian, Thai, Jamaican or Irish dish.

Tell us where we can find your latest music and keep up with you on social media.

As indie artists, we’d love you to first stop at our website and join our email list. It allows us to directly connect with our fans more than any social media outlet. It also makes us more credible with talent bookers. Outside of that, you can hear our music on Spotify, Apply Music and the other big guys. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @CognateSoulsOfficial and on our YouTube channel.

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