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Sidney Breedlove’s “Take It Low”

There is a spark of real inspiration and joy in making music that Sidney Breedlove’s “Take It Low” exudes. An initial listen to this new single points the way toward the song being the latest entertaining entry in a long, long line of let’s have a good time songs, but there’s more to hear. You can hear the slow and assertive glide in Breedlove’s voice. It isn’t cocky but, instead, sure. It’s present in the effortless bounce of the song’s slightly fuzzed-over bass presence, locking into the song’s groove early on. The transitions from verse to chorus, and even the transitions within each section of the track, likewise provide plenty of entertainment for both the hardcore and casual listener.

The song has anthemic qualities that will make it a favorite for live shows. It’s important to notice, however, that no matter whatever attributes of an anthem you may hear in this, Breedlove never overplays his hand. It isn’t crass or played in a heavy-handed way. Breedlove has a deep talent that the coming years will only further deepen, but he seems set on evolving into an astonishing stylist who can cover the gamut of popular forms. “Take It Low” is an early peak for this young performer and we’ll likely always look back on this song as a critical turning point on the way to greater glories to come.

Listeners will like how he works the physical into his song lyrics as well. Make no mistake, Breedlove’s words for “Take It Low” aren’t an attempt to marry poetry with modern hip-hop, they understand their role. Breedlove, nonetheless, never regards them as an afterthought and the obvious attention he’s paid to this facet of the song’s potential augers well for his future output. He also sounds very comfortable as a vocalist.

His sense of rhythm is impeccable and there are slight variations in his delivery help him avoid much repetition. Another part of Breedlove’s talent that helps catapult songs such as “Take It Off” into another orbit is that you can hear the sparkle of Breedlove’s personality in his voice. It’s a rare gift. Workmanlike singers and vocalists abound, technically proficient, but the true performer who compels our attention is the stuff long careers are made of. Breedlove has that in abundance.

The light nudge-wink sense of play in the song gives it value as well. “Take It Low” is a song you could take more than one way, of course, and Breedlove makes great use of its open-ended qualities. A lot of listeners will find “Take It Low” mischievous, among other things, and it’s high praise. You have fun listening to this song, you don’t have to pay attention to anything but the music, and it feels so delicious and sinful you want to immediately come back for more. It is easy to hear why Breedlove has been able to establish such a fierce and growing following in such short order. “Take It Low” takes it “fun” as well and gets you there without ever insulting your intelligence or lowering the bar into dust. 

Mindy McCall



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