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HeIsTheArtist Parting Waves With Latest Single

To celebrate his birthday, and the Islamic holiday of Ashura, contemporary Christian singer/songwriter HeIsTheArtist is releasing two singles; Parted Waves and God Is On My Mind. Although both singles will be available for public consumption, Parted Waves will be the single targetted for radio and current topical playlists, which is the subject of this review. Drawing references to the struggles of Israelites in the time of Moses, and the modern struggles of American society in which citizens are on the run from violence, HeIsTheArtist makes these comparisons through simple, direct alliterations; “I’m goin, I’m goin, Party’s over”. These alliterations which are present throughout the track coupled with the strong pulsating beats allow Parted Waves to simplify, yet drive home his overall thesis that “The devil wants me, Can’t you see that I am a child of God”. These repeated lines; “I’m going, I’m going”, and “Hallelujah, Hallelujah” contrasted by the choral elements which are tied in the mid-range frequencies of this track make Parted Waves feel very full, and vibrant while eliciting a sing along response in his audience; like a church congregation. This is highly effective to be used in a song with so many pop rock elements, as the replayability of this track is bound to attract those radio hits and modern playlists.

Building on his already impressive catalog of gospel, and experimental hits, HeIsTheArtist can utilize Parted Waves as an easily approachable song to a collection of tracks that inspire, teach, and encourage his audience to be better, and live better lives. It is this approachable nature of Parted Waves which makes this track so enjoyable. As a reviewer who tries to remain impartial, Parted Waves is a track dealing with much pain and suffering, both historically and current, while reaming so very confident and optimistic. Couple these thematics with HeIsTheArtist’s soft and suave vocal baritone, and Parted Waves becomes a very enjoyable track to consume both as entertainment and as a challenge? So Happy Birthday HeIsTheArtist, enjoy the success Parted Waves and God Is On My Mind will bring.

–Lee Callaghan



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