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8 Reasons Why Rock Music Will Always Be Iconic

Where would music be without rock? Rock and roll from the 20th century transformed the music industry in myriad ways, and it’s the main reason why popular culture grew into a global phenomenon.

When it comes to iconic American music, there’s no other genre that comes close to rock. That influence has been felt by many countries around the world, if not most, and classic rock will never go out of fashion. As proof of that statement, here are eight reasons why rock music will always be iconic.

8. Pop culture pioneers

When mass media caught the attention of youths in the 1960s, pop culture was born, and rock was the perfect genre for rebellious youngsters who valued personal freedom, skill as an artist, and a lifestyle defined by an ‘anti-establishment’ mentality.

Bands from the ‘60s like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles are beyond what other musicians would call fame. They’re at the very heart of our collective zeitgeist, and their songs and lyrics have shaped entire generations of music lovers.

7. True classics

The lyrics of rock remain as relevant as ever. Whether they’re about war and famine or upliftment and positivity, rock songs explore human nature in a way that few other genres can emulate.

Rock can evoke emotions, awaken your motivation, or simply enhance a contemplative mood. All genres of music have the potential to provide these benefits, but the simple truth is that none of them have as much mass appeal as rock.

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6. Legends never die

You could argue that pop music is listened to more than rock, but would pop music be the same without rock? Pop wouldn’t exist in its current form without the music of bands like Linkin Park, Blink 182, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Whether we’re talking about Freddie Mercury, Chester Bennington, or any other rock legend you can think of, their names have withstood the test of time, influencing the lives of millions of individuals up until today.

5. Astonishing talent

Learning how to play any musical instrument is tough, but shredding a guitar and smashing a drum solo in front of thousands of people takes a special kind of talent, the kind that can electrify a crowd and hit every note with perfect timing.

Rockers are never fans of autotune, there are no DJs with software sounds, and many bands do everything themselves, including songwriting and composition. It’s the oldest and best type of music – a raw reflection of the soul’s desire for rhythm.

4. It was never about the money

Some rock stars let fame get to their heads, but for the majority, it’s always been about the music. Money and celebrity status come with the territory; at the end of the day, the only thing that matters to musicians is making good music.

Rockers have a unique relationship with their fans. From mosh pits to groupies, rock brings out a side of us that’s primal and liberating. It speaks to our inner selves, and money never factors into that connection.

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3. Astonishing album art

Many rock albums are pieces of art in their own right, and we’re not even talking about the music. The cover art contains some of the most eclectic, awe-inspiring compositions the music industry has ever had the privilege of seeing.

Some examples are as complex as the works of famous artists like Salvador Dali, while others explore abstraction as passionately as Pablo Picasso. It’s a fascinating niche of artistic talent that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

2. Timeless fashion

Leather-clad bikers, happy hippies, punk rockers, goth and emo culture; all of these things share one thing in common – rock music. The sights and sounds of rock gave countless people a shared identity and a culture they could be proud of.

Such enormous influence is beyond rare, and the only other genre that comes close is pop music. However, seeing that pop music is any music with mass appeal, is there a better example than rock? It certainly doesn’t seem that way.

1. Unprecedented passion

Besides rock, do you know of any other genre that tolerates the destruction of instruments? The energy of rock music is quite unlike anything else we listen to. It’s the peak of excitement we all crave and the perfect balance between melody and rhythm.

Regardless of which genre of rock you’re listening to, every note is designed for maximum emotional impact. Bars and choruses aren’t just elements of a formula; they’re notes that originate from the deepest pools of our creative capacity.

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