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Robert Hunter Drops New Single

With increasing awareness of and sensitivity to the subject of mental health, there has thankfully been a concerted focus put towards it. Robert Hunter’s new single, “Permanent,” is dedicated to and inspired by his own struggles with mental health. An Author and Songwriter, Robert Hunter, found himself at a crossroads when he moved to the Netherlands to be with his wife. He left his music career behind and eventually found himself in quite a funk as a result. It was the daughter of a friend back in the states who founded a support group that set Robert on the path to recovery.

Robert Hunter has said that “Permanent” is less of a song and more of emotional and cerebral aid. He doesn’t care about the song charting or how many downloads it gets. His intention is that the track will cross someone’s path, which truly needs it. Based on the lyrical content and the sincerity of “Permanent,” you can sense Robert’s genuine sentiments. “Permanent” is a simple but significant gesture.

Starting with a sharp and enthusiastic drum fill, “Permanent” is mid to up-tempo throughout. Robert is careful not to make the song overly bombastic, as the focus is the lyrical content. Robert sings the track with such a prevailing sense of hope and even certainty that it’s obvious he is coming from firsthand experience. Sometimes when certain people tell us everything will be ok, we just know they are right.

The concept of permanence in this piece is the feeling that when you find yourself down, you are going to stay there. Therefore the illusion of permanence is at the very core of compromised mental health. It becomes difficult to look forward to the future, and you feel your current state is an indefinite one. Robert Hunter understands the micro aspects of fear and how they amass to the point of deceiving our otherwise rational outlook. He does his best to remind us that it’s fear itself that is fueling our vehicle of depression and that if we ride it out, it will eventually empty.

One listen to “Permanent,” and you will almost certainly agree that it is uplifting and charitable. Robert Hunter has allowed Lauryn Hawkins, his friend’s daughter, and her support group to produce the video for “Permanent.” He’s given them carte blanche and is excited to see what they envision for his song. Robert Hunter intended to write a song that you can seek out anytime you’re in need of it, and he has succeeded in doing so with “Permanent.” We live in an increasingly high-stress and alienating world, and Robert has shown that music can still have medicinal effects on our state of mind. “Permanent” is now available across streaming and digital platforms.

Mindy McCall



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