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Dianña’s Most Recent Single “Hands”

It’s not every day you stumble across a new, deeply moving country track. I feel like lately, most country music has lost its way and folks are resorting to weird pseudo-hybrid renditions of the genre, such as the various EDM remixes of banjos and fiddles I’ve heard when scanning the radio. There’s a concerning lack of real, earnest country music on display as of late, but having now heard Dianña’s music… the lack might be coming to an end.


Dianña’s most recent single, “Hands,” is a beautiful country music track that blends classic country and pop in a way few have a knack for. There are elements of faith-based music on display, along with phenomenal vocals and beautiful, crisp instrumental tracks beneath them. The lyrics are well-crafted and talk about the various areas of the workplace, and the demands they take on everyone’s hands — at face value, the lyrics can feel fairly straightforward but Dianña is saying something far deeper within this single. Nobody has the same life journey, and every journey will put wear and tear on your body (your hands) as you progress through the years.

“In her hands, there’s peace and understanding. In her hands, the love’s everlasting. In her hands, there’s a heavy cross to bear — but a strength beyond compare, in her hands.” This lyric block refers to a single mother who made due with what she had and found her way, and this exact sentiment is repeated throughout the song a variety of times, be it with a ranchero, farmer, doctor, painter, boxer, preacher, or teacher. The importance of the matter coming from the single is that everyone has their own life story and it resides in our hands. It’s a powerful sentiment and Dianña’s voice delivers the message home without any struggle.

It’s difficult to even draw comparisons between Dianña’s oeuvre and her contemporaries because there’s a distinct lack of indie country music coming in these days; most people seem content taking the pop route, with bedroom pop becoming the biggest musical trend on apps such as TikTok as everyone races out to be the next Billie Eilish — unfortunately for them, that’s not how stardom works, and there will always be execs working for labels as they search for whatever’s the next new thing. Dianña forging her path forward is a brilliant example of a trendsetter and there’s a strong possibility that she breaks through with this single. It’s worth pointing out that Dianña already gained a mass amount of streams on TikTok with another one of her songs, so it feels like there’s only a matter of time until the next single hits big.


“Hands” functions as an answer to a musical drought and the fans are bound to respond to it generously. There’s an overall freshness to Dianña’s entire career and approach, and as soon as people start catching on with her faith-based, country-first genre approach, there’s no telling what’s in store for her and her career — I feel like she has the answer in her hands.

Mindy McCall



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