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Single Review: Pete Miller “The Raven & The Dove”

From his debut album release Live On Record, Pete Miller has issued his 2nd single; The Raven & The Dove. This folk melody is a long narrative that weaves an intricate tale of young Mary, who symbolically evolves from a raven into a lovely dove. The complex lyrical structure of this song allows this metamorphosis to be literal, becoming a woman, or spiritual, as in the references made to the Ark being built to weather major storms, yet the Ark is just home. I feel the subject matter, however, encapsulates all growth that every person must go through on a daily basis, pointing to the complexities of every human connection to the world around us. We are more than simple ravens, we are all on a journey that will take us to one place or another, but the journey is what Pete Miller sings about here, becoming the dove. “I need to maintain I am not a simple raven who seeks sadness or just some grain”. As The Raven & The Dove opens with a delicate guitar melody it paints this musical tapestry of infinite possibility, while creating a vastness and openness with each cadence that needs to be resolved. The main acoustic shuffle Pete Miller incorporates for the main melody under the lyrics carries the narrative allowing his vocal phrasing to offer a resolution to each of his metaphysical proclamations throughout the piece. “Why must you be chosen and think that’s such a sin, you have no fear to die but a fear to begin”

The Raven & The Dove is a story, sung with a clear and easy-to-follow rhythmic structure. This Pete Miller lyrical juggernaut is full of metaphor and colorful imagery yet presented in a sing-along manner that entices audience participation. Thus, The Raven & The Dove would make an excellent addition to any Folk, Middle-Of-The-Road, American Roots, or Contemporary Country playlist. The production of this track is very well-executed as the main guitar overtones are allowed to ring out clearly and crisply without any unwanted noise while maintaining separation from the baritone vocals giving each instrument its own range in which to explore each musical idea and concept. The Raven & The Dove is a very enjoyable track, given the complex narrative coupled with the elegant guitar playing, listeners are apt to want to replay this piece over and over again to fully engage with each of these growth concepts. The Raven & The Dove reaches different audiences in different ways, with a message and a moral that will never be the same for everyone. What would you get from The Raven & The Dove?



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