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“He So Euro” by Salgorhythm

Let’s be honest – while the lyrical wittiness of the new single “He So Euro” was probably what Salgorhythm wanted us to pay attention to the most this season, it’s the beat behind this track that gets most listeners excited about what they’re hearing. Although there are elements of satire that are worth taking interest in here, Salgorhythm’s slice n’ dice groove is what really gives “He So Euro” it’s core identity and, to some extent, the appeal it’s enjoying at the moment. Once this song gets started, it’s a guaranteed dance party, which isn’t true of every pop single out this year.


Production quality should never make or break a track nor a music video, but more often than not it does, and this could be the reason why Salgorhythm put as much time and effort into the well-polished look of this release as he did. The master mix is quite immersive and gets us up close and personal with the instrumentation while the video doesn’t try to put glitter over an ugly set with poorly chosen props. This is a facet of its creator’s charisma, and we needn’t feel like we have to sort through unneeded details to understand who he is in this piece.

While he isn’t really being tender with the microphone, Salgorhythm is absolutely using the layered vocal style to his advantage here, and making a melodic verse all the more melting when we need it to be the most. I probably would have recommended doing something a little more straightforward had I been the one in the producer’s chair, but I can also understand and respect why the artist decided to do what he did in “He So Euro.” He wants camp; he wants the bombast and indulgence some artists can’t contend with, and, to be fair, he’s getting a lot out of it here.

All of that said, Salgorhythm is leaving one part of this single completely untouched by excess, and that’s the structure of the composition itself. As a performer, he doesn’t have a problem embracing the theatrical, the humorous, and even the hyper when he can do something to tell his story with these themes, but as a songwriter, he definitely values the strength of a simplistic composition, as is evidenced by his total rejection of complex tempos, rebellious interludes, or bloated harmonies that wouldn’t have added anything to the substance of the song.

Humility can be a tough commodity to come by in this industry, and especially within the pop genre as an art form, but this release is a fine example of an artist who doesn’t have any issues being humble and quirky. It’s working out really well for Salgorhythm, and whether he attracts any mainstream interest with this song or not, I think he’s already proven to be a lot more talented and skillful at what he does than other players who would devote the majority of their lives to being much more serious than any person – let alone performer – should ever have to be.

Mindy McCall



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