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Jacob Rice Releases Debut EP, “Whatever Floats Your Boat”

Jacob Rice channels the vibe and texture of 90s Country with modern energy on his new EP, Whatever Floats Your Boat. Playing off of the cultural vernacular with the album title, Rice proves that he is perfectly in tune with his audience. The radio-friendly, five-song record is as polished and replete as anything you will hear. Thanks to its sheer quality, the dexterous and agile songwriting on Whatever Floats Your Boat is rife with hooks and novelties. 


Part of the reason for Jacob Rice’s exceptional work is likely geographical. Nashville is not a city to sleep on or in when it comes to the music scene. The city has its reputation for a reason, and it often allows for only the upper echelon to thrive due to intense competition. With what Rice has accomplished on Whatever Floats Your Boat, he should be a household name soon. In fact, it might not be much longer until he is one of the hottest new acts in the Country. Due to his laid-back, fun-loving demeanor, Jacob Rice is comparable to Jimmy Buffet in some ways. That comparison is fueled by the track “Me, You, And Summertime.” Fusing a traditional Country backdrop with a slight Hip-Hop cadence, this is a quintessential piece for Rice. He goes all in with his performance and elevates the material as a result. With lines such as, It was my hand/your knee/my dash/your feet, this one evokes the nostalgia factor splendidly. 

The almost title track, “Floats Your Boat,” features one of those choruses that country fans can’t resist. Once again, Rice channels the good time spirits of Jimmy Buffet on this one. He scales all the right tropes with references to “Vodka Lemonade” and “Country music coming from the speakers.” This is the type of song that strengthens the connection between Rice and his fan base. 

The lively “My House” is the type of track that makes you take immediate notice, regardless of taste. The song essentially tells the story of two strangers hitting it off at a bar and not wanting the party to end. Of course, this type of premise could take a controversial turn, but to his credit, Rice keeps things well-intentioned. The line of the track has to be –  I swear I didn’t have a pool/but I remember skinny dippin with you. Go out of your way to check this one out, as it’s one of the most engaging on the album.

Also featuring the tracks “How A Man Treats A Lady” and “Forever I Do,” Whatever Floats Your Boat doesn’t disappoint on any level. Jacob Rice sounds motivated without sacrificing his trademark nature and finds the perfect balance as a result. While this record is certainly aimed at staunch Country fans, there are many moments that cast a wider appeal. With a voice that is effective, Jacob Rice is nothing short of a superstar-level singer. Whatever Floats Your Boat is now available for streaming and download. 



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