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“Man You Want Me To Be” by Ralph Curtis

The transparently titled, “Man You Want Me To Be,” by Ralph Curtis, strikes a nerve that few songs can. The Country Singer/Songwriter, based out of Florida, is something of a veteran. He’s reached a new high with his latest single, by baring his soul in the boldest way. “Man You Want Me To Be” is not a song that accelerates your heartbeat. In fact, it’s the kind of song that advises you, not demands, that you slow down and try to gain perspective.

Country music is heralded by its fans for telling stories. Ralph Curtis tells a story that is both inspiring and heart wrenching on “Man You Want Me To Be.” He finds self-acceptance without martyrdom, and gives us all a sense of prevailing hope in the process. The story starts with Ralph deciding it’s the right time to ask his lady’s hand in marriage. He makes her a promise that women will find impossible, and men will find empowering.

There is a genuine and tangible reward for taking this reflective journey. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or not, there is a universal theme in this piece that is all-encompassing. Ralph Curtis has succeeded in writing one of those songs that is easy to understand. With each listen, I felt a deeper meaning on multiple levels.

Ralph enlisted highly acclaimed, Pianist, Hunter McDaniel for his latest release. McDaniel mostly serves a backdrop role, but brings an added layer of poignancy to the track. He compliments Ralph’s vocals and lyrics seamlessly, and is an integral part of the song. Mixed by Caleb Neff and mastered by Tony Eichler, “Man You Want Me To Be” is behooved by and in some ways defined by its adherence to detail. In many ways, the song blossoms like a flower in real time, revealing its beauty in a gradual manner.

A substantial snapshot of a life unfolds throughout the 5 minute, “Man You Want Me To Be.” The track is likely either to draw you in completely, or serve as pleasant background noise. There’s something innately fragile at the core of the piece, and how it achieves such a profound tenderness is mildly astonishing. Ralph Curtis will emerge as a symbol of virtue and honesty, by simply honoring another’s heart. This song exceeds being a simple love song, and instead becomes something even deeper.

Man You Want Me To Be,” will stay with you, like the encouraging whisper of an elderly figure or a loved one in a dream. You will smile more than you will cry, yet it will tug at your heartstrings. There’s something to be enjoyed and learned from “Man You Want Me To Be.” You really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Mindy McCall



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