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How Your Zodiac Sign Can Alter Your Music Taste

Read on to find out which music suits your zodiac sign

According to modern astrologists, there is a connection between your zodiac sign and the type of music you like. Considering your zodiac sign will also include personality traits, it is no surprise that what music you enjoy can also be linked back to it. 

While understanding star signs can be a bit tricky sometimes, this guide will give you insight into the kind of music you or a friend or family member may enjoy the most, depending on your star sign. 


As an Aries, you will most likely be drawn to music that is high-energy, and that gets your body moving. While you enjoy many genres, you want a song to make you feel something and not just be something to listen to. 


A Taurus loves a song that feels natural and organic. They want music that does away with layer upon layer of production and fiddling and instead presents itself almost in its raw form, nothing more than the voice and instruments. 


Geminis tend to gravitate to lyrical music. While they love multiple genres, the more lyrically-heavy a song is, the better. This is why many Geminis will have a soft spot for golden oldies, as well as many rappers like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, and Jay-Z.


Cancerians want emotion in music, whether it be happiness and joy or sadness and despair. They will love the likes of Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Marvin Gaye, and even DMX- artists that wear their hearts and stories on their sleeves. 


Leos can be attention-seekers in some ways, and this extends to their music taste as well. They are drawn to music that they can dance or sing along to and music that can be somewhat dramatic. One of the best examples of this is Madonna, someone famed for her big and dramatic voice and sound. 


Virgos are usually more analytical and therefore thrive on great communication. They tend to lean towards singer-songwriters and modern-day poets. Favored artists can range from the likes of Leonard Cohen to Beyonce


Librans are all about love, long songs, and ballads. They are a sign that is driven by beauty and all that is good in the good, and this extends to their music taste. Artists like John Lennon and Gwen Stefani, both with extensive catalogs jam-packed with love songs, are usually the artists of choice for a Libra. 


Scorpios want to get in touch with their emotional side and become more introspective. They feel deeply, and this reflects in their music choices. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lorde, and Franc Ocean are favorites amongst Scorpios, as well as lesser-known but deep artists, such as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. 


Sagittarians are fun and adventurous. They’re the ones who want to be the first at a concert or club and the last to leave. Their favorite artists would include the likes of Britney Spears, Jay-Z, and Taylor Swift; artists that are more than just surface-level but can still get them bopping. 


Many Capricorns are old souls. While they like modern life, they also like record players and classic films. This reflects in their music choices, as they would rather listen to one of their parent’s David Bowie or Led Zeppelin albums instead of listening to any modern-day number 1’s. 


The music taste of an Aquarian is usually quite easy to spot. They will be listening to something far more niche than anything you have heard before or something so unknown it almost doesn’t sound like music; they are experimental and exploratory with their music. They also like generally unique sounds, with their favorite artists being Alicia Keys and Bob Marley, and even rappers like MF Doom and Death Grips.   


Pisceans like to get lost in their own world, exploring their imagination more than reality. Their music choices reflect this, choosing artists and sounds that transport them rather than artists who make them reflect. Nirvana tends to be a favorite, as well as the deep and dark sounds of Hozier. They also sometimes go more mainstream, enjoying the sounds of Rihanna and the like. 



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