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How To Do Voice Over Like A Pro? An Ultimate Guide

Do you have a video presentation next week? Does your boss want you to make a top-notch presentation for his international delegate? Or, do you want to dub your favorite Korean and Turkish actors in your native language?

 What do all these events have in common? your voice-over! Some of you seem confused about voice-over being a part of a video presentation, right? Well; that is nothing to get confused about because your video presentation will create a powerful impression on your audience if you record your own voice separately and integrate it into it.

A voice-over is just like a human touch to your animated videos. If you do not know about voice over recording, what are you waiting for then, let us just find out how to record a perfect voice-over.

Audio Clarity And Volume

We always tend to relate a voice-over with a pleasant voice which is true to some extent, but this is not the only thing, with hard work and continuous practice all of you can become great voice-over artists. A clear voice with a reasonable volume is the assurance of a good voice-over.

A muddy and fuzzy sound will make your audience get bored and distracted, and you will simply miss the chance to share your message, moreover, too low or too high volumes will also make your audience lose their interest, so, take your time and keep practicing until you get a good clear tone in your voice as practice makes a man perfect.


You have probably talked to someone who had a fascinating story to share, but his overexcitement caused him to ramble through his words in a way that you could not even actually remember what he just told. Or, you must have met someone who talks so slowly that it makes you nod off. Too fast or too slow; that is pacing.

One of the finest aspects of a good voice-over is the natural and considerate pace; always attempt to write a script first, rehearse it many times, and afterward record it. Additionally, a voice-over that pauses every now and then will seem more natural and will help the audience in processing the important info.

Enunciation And Pronunciation

Last but not the least, a professional voice-over requires that you pronounce each word carefully and precisely so that everyone can understand what you are trying to say. Avoid muttering, screaming, or excessive enunciation.

One thing that might prick your ears is your regional accent, do not be concerned about it because everyone has a distinctive regional accent. Additionally, there is a chance that your audience may enjoy your accent, so just concentrate on pronouncing words clearly and correctly. Avoid seeming unnatural; instead, be sincere and realistic.

Final Thoughts

Practice is what a good and professional voice-over demands. Get the best recording software, write a script, read it aloud, and start recording your voice-over right now.

If your first voice-over does not work, give yourself another chance and keep trying until you succeed.



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