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You Are” by Christina Morgan-Diaz

From the moment we first encounter the springy beat in “You Are” forward, it’s obvious that the new single from Christina Morgan-Diaz is one designed to put a positive spin on the day ahead. There’s a sense of new that follows everything this songstress croons through the microphone, and although there’s something to be said about the way this arrangement was made around her vocal abilities, there’s even more to note with regards to her patience with the groove and adept management of a lyrical narrative that wouldn’t have had as much vitality with a different singer at the helm of the material.

The faith-based lyricism in “You Are” isn’t an afterthought as it would be in a lot of mainstream-bound Christian music, but instead a front-and-center component of what gives this song its signature tone. There’s no questioning the bond that Morgan-Diaz has with this subject matter, largely because her style of execution doesn’t allow for us to debate her merits – it’s clear from the get-go that we’re listening to someone who cares a lot about what she’s singing here. Her investment adds to the vibe of the music, if not sealing the deal for the chorus.

I love how natural the vocal is in this track, and there’s rarely an instance in the whole of “You Are” in which Morgan-Diaz isn’t controlling the mood of the music through little more than the melodic disposition of her voice. She’s able to wield considerable power with a God-given gift, and rather than trying to boost it with a synthesized element just for the sake of musical grandiosity, she’s letting her organic abilities speak for themselves in this performance, which is a lot more than I can say for the majority of her secular mainstream peers in pop music today.

The music video for “You Are” is more or less an extension of this artist’s soul rather than a direct interpretation of the lyrics, which despite being a little more surreal than what the standard in pop music calls for feels much more streamlined than any other concept I can imagine this player utilizing here. There’s something to be said about the manipulation of abstract themes into the narrative of the music as it relates to her emotions rather than specific verses, but I also don’t think this is an example of her reaching her complete potential. There’s more to Christina Morgan-Diaz, and that’s obvious to anyone who gives this track a close listen.

“You Are” is much more than a quality pop single – it’s a good look for Christian pop fans who have been craving something with just a little more moxie than what the mainstream has been producing over the past few years, especially for those who keep up with the CCM beat.

Although she’s got some room for further development with regards to how she’s tethering lyrical themes to the cosmetics of her songwriting, Christina Morgan-Diaz has the right tools to go far in this business, starting with her trademark voice and the magic it creates with the right melodies.

Mindy McCall



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