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Exclusive Interview with Marliii

IP: We are so excited to be chatting today with Marliii. Tell our readers a little about who you are and how you got started…

Marliii: So happy to chat with the Indie Pulse Team today! I have been singing since before I could talk, and first began learning instrumentation at 8 years old when my father restrung a used guitar so I could practice as lefty. Within a few years, I was writing songs of my own and also picked up playing the piano, bass guitar, mandolin, and even learned to produce my own beats.

IP: Tell us about you and your sound

Marliii: My sound can be described as experimental quirk-pop and psychedelic dream-trap. Quirk-pop was created when my professor highlighted my music as authentic with intentionally imperfect inflections; I love to embrace idiosyncratic elements that make my tunes unpredictable with creative twists and turns, which led to the dream-trap association. Plus, whenever I perform live, I merge rock n’ roll into the mix.

IP: Where do you find inspiration as a songwriter? 

Marliii: I find lyrical inspiration from traveling the world, experiencing changes in life, and reflecting on the emotions I feel along the way. Oftentimes I look at my music as a time capsule of my human experience. When composing instrumentation, I tend to take on a spiritual and introspective position and will find myself in a musically meditative state.

IP: Did you always want to make music, if not, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

Marliii: I remember that before I started making music, I wanted to be a paleontologist! As soon as music clicked for me that all changed, especially when I realized I was subpar at science.

IP: You have a new song on the way GH0$t. What can listeners expect to hear? 

Marliii: Listeners can expect GH0$t to paint a paranormal picture with ominous lyrics and arrangements around the essence of subtlety, which resembles my inherent notion to mend my emotions with music as a means of catharsis to help me transcend.

IP: Where can we listen to your new music and keep up with you online? 

Marliii: My website is, my Instagram and TikTok is @musicwithmarliii and my music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and all other platforms. If you Google “Marliii” (M – A – R – L – I – I – I ) you will find me 🙂

End of Interview



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