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Single Review: Jen Ash “Crush On You”

Writing soulful, sweet and sensual music can be difficult depending on who you ask. For Jen Ash however, it comes across as effortless as things can possibly be. The R&B star’s latest single, “Crush On You,” fits perfectly within all the descriptors we used earlier, and from first listen it captured our attention. Naturally, we had to then put it through our review process, giving it a closer look and seeing how it fares.

R&B is a wonderful genre of music, making for some of the most memorable songs in music history. As a result, any artist who masters the art of making R&B music is bound to create some absolute gems, and to us, that applies in its entirety to Jen Ash. “Crush On You,” is a huge success in this regard, reminding us of the R&B greats while also adding a dash of Jen’s own style to the mix.

The instrumentals on the track are slick and smooth, really propagating the sweet and lovely atmosphere the single’s shooting for. It stays mellow and relaxed throughout its entire runtime, only adding small portions that make the overall song a bit more playful where needed. Perhaps the biggest strength when it comes to “Crush On You” however is the sheer sincerity that courses through it.

Jen Ash delivers every single line with sincerity and sweetness that’s hard to really match. There’s so much charm and personality in the song that comes through effortlessly, and we enjoyed every moment of it. More than anything, “Crush On You” is fun and joyful. While it may be laid back in nature, the playful attitude that Jen Ash adopts for the song is infectious.

The song’s also just plain catchy, as Jen Ash sings “I think I’ve got a crush / On you,” it’s hard to not get caught up in the energy and sing along. Between the music, the presentation and Jen Ash’s delivery, the vibe produced by the song is immaculate. We love how it sounds, and we’ve had it on loop ever since it dropped. It’s just such an enjoyably pleasant song all around.

Overall, we really can’t overstate how much of a fun time this single is. It’s a huge winner for Jen Ash, and one we’re sure people are going to be huge fans of. It’s a strong showing of her strengths, and we really hope to see more like this from her in the future.

–Jason Airy



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