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Adam Randy Releases “Another Song” Single

Modern rock music couldn’t be further from the rock ’n’ roll roots that started the genre more than half a hundred years ago, and that might be the problem as far as contemporary music is concerned. Everyone is so focused on inventing the new normal that they generally forget to pay attention to the historical beats that preceded their careers, and when you forget the past… well, you know the saying. Some musicians, on the other hand, can’t seem to forget the past and pay homage to it with every new release — one such artist is Adam Randy, based out of Baltimore, whose latest single “Another Song” is a perfect musical cocktail (rocktail, anyone?) of everything good about classic rock and modern rock, all rolled up into one, succinct new track.


“Another Song” is, unlike the title suggests, more than just another song. It does a great deal of work to harken back to the tracks of the sixties with melodies straight out of Davey Jones, Brian Wilson, and Paul McCartney’s early releases — it’s bubbly, infectious, and altogether quite impressive as it chronicles songwriter Randy’s return to music after over a decade away. The lyrics are simple, but never slight; it’s rare to get a song about the artistic process that doesn’t come across as pretentious or self-serving, but “Another Song” reveals itself to be a rarity. “All I have is another song; seems like I knew it all along. The only thing that matters to me is the chance to set those feelings free.” It’s a perfect summary of the creative spark striking, and as later lyrics describe the idea of an idea lingering the next morning after sleeping on it, the humble track is enough to make listeners break out into smiles.

According to Adam Randy’s website, his influences include “Neil Diamond, The Beatles, The Monkees, The Moody Blues, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and many more,” and even in this brief single, the influences can be heard perfectly. “Another Song” veers away from the derivative territory so many like-minded singles fall into by focusing on being a track as genuine and open about itself as it can be, and that gives it a strength very few modern tracks have. It’s refreshing to hear a song as open and full of heart and emotion as “Another Song,” and its fantastic heart-on-its-sleeve approach only lends more power to the single, both in general and as a return from hiatus for Randy.


So, yes, those who don’t remember the past might be doomed to repeat it, but those who reflect on the past fondly and see it not as something to romanticize blindly but use as a learning exercise and building blocks for the future are welcome to think back. Adam Randy falls into the latter category and his attention to the sounds of yesterday, tinged with nostalgia and pitch-perfect production, only makes his music all the better. “Another Song” is a technical junction point of past and present, and Randy’s love of both new and old gives the single strong legs to stand upon.

Mindy McCall



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