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Bobby And The Crew Release New Single

Bobby and The Crew blend 80s and 90s styles on “Prince Of Charm,” with a modern energy. The vocals are delivered in flawless English, and it’s unclear/unlikely that a Norwegian version exists. The dynamic within the group is unique on the surface, similar to Blondie, No Doubt, and 10,000 Maniacs. It’s rare to hear this sort of optimism in Pop Music in the states these days, so thank goodness for our friends from Europe. Some may accuse this kind of energy as being naïve, but there’s a refreshing vibration to what this band is doing.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/bobbyandthecrew

“Prince Of Charm,” harkens back to the days of cheery, upbeat singles, with a Rock backdrop. It’s a simple skeleton of a song that hears a woman cut down a man who is a bit too sure of himself. The lyrics are easy to understand and the message is equally as easy to comprehend.It would be interesting to hear who the group cites as influences, as they come across a bit like softer versions of Pat Benatar and Heart.

“Prince Of Charm,” starts off with a slightly odd time signature, with an almost reverse staccato. It’s not a profound distinction, but noticeable to a trained ear. The vocals come in almost immediately, and we then have a simple, but extremely effective Pop Song on our hands. The band is tight, smooth, and dynamic. It’s amazing just how crisp Bobby and The Crew are for having been together for such a short time. It’s likely that the group is  composed of seasoned musicians.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/prince-of-charm-single/1647012151

The track is well produced and mixed, and highlights everyone in the group. There’s something about the song that feels both modern and nostalgic. It’s a bit fun and a bit tongue in cheek, with credible musicianship and exceptional dynamics. If this doesn’t sell you on Bobby and The Crew it’s hard to say what will. It has everything you could want, presented in a well-conceived package.

Bobby and The Crew are still a fresh commodity, but thanks to “Prince Of Charm,” not an unproven one. Their sound is accessible and they are just as likely to appeal to European audiences as American ones. This band is Living proof that a traditional setup of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals can still work. They are the perfect meeting point of the past and the present. “Prince Of Charm” is now available.

Mindy McCall



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