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Treneti Releases “Black Mirror”

When it comes to the eclectic, Treneti, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. On her previously released single, “Black Mirror,” she observed humanity’s unyielding obsession with our cell phones. What’s so interesting about Treneti is that everything she does is heightened by her stark originality and unique approach. She’s like a character pulled from the pages of an Anne Rice novel. Moreover, and most refreshing, is that she always seems to have something to say with her music.

The modern genres of House, Trap, and EDM are not unlike the psychedelic scene of the 60s. They have a devoted subculture, who are as equally invested in the style as they are the artists who compose the works. The only real difference between the two is technology. Ironically enough, Treneti seems to have a conflicted position on her own relationship with technology. But luckily for us, she has an expert grasp on how to use technological tools to create compelling works.

Her latest single “Pay Me In Euros,” has been described as being cinematic in scope. That’s a baseline takeaway, but also an entirely accurate one. It’s the granular aspects of the piece that make it stand out. There are a number of dynamic shifts throughout “Pay Me In Euros,” that are subtle but impactful. To describe it as being hypnotic or even mesmerizing would be both simple and hyperbolic, but also completely justified.

An entirely instrumental track, it’s a bold move by Treneti, coming off the heels of “Black Mirror.” She’s an artist who has so much to say, and she somehow manages to say it without uttering a single word on her latest single. By turns, the song is trance-inducing, pulsating, and unsettling. You will feel as if you are on a magical mystery ride that has suddenly and unexpectedly whisked you into a parallel dimension. In a genre that can be difficult to stand out in, Treneti has done so without the privilege of an endless budget.

In some ways, “Pay Me In Euros,” sounds as though it was picked up on the cutting room floor of Blade Runner. In other ways, it sounds as if Hitchcock visited a trap house in Western Europe and found  inspiration. Whatever the case, Treneti keeps us fully invested in a song that goes over 5 ½ minutes. She accomplishes this feat without the use of a single word. Instead, she allows us to create our own inner dialogue to the images that are also of our own cerebral design.

It’s worth wondering if there is some sort of anti-American sentiment to “Pay Me In Euros.” Treneti is from the Chicago area, and has never disclosed having any sort of political agenda to our knowledge. However, when it comes to Treneti, conjecture is often the word of the day. She’s always one step ahead in a universe only she can fully envision. “Pay Me In Euros,” was officially released on Oct 28th, and is now available for streaming and download.

Mindy McCall



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