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“Unstoppable” by Different Moon

The synthesizer has been pretty much everywhere you look and listen in pop music right now. Whether it’s in hip-hop or something more rock-oriented, the synthesizer has once again become a favored source of unique melodicism as an increasingly digitalized universe envelops everything from the record stores in which we shopped to the very scenes birthing vinyl those same stores sold, and when it’s used remarkably, it’s hard to keep the press quiet about it.

Hence, the charismatic Jim Piper and his project Different Moon have been making a lot of headlines this season on the strength of the synthetic new single “Unstoppable,” which encapsulates many of the reasons why this kind of vibe has been trending as hard as it has in the American underground. For the most part, Piper defines his style in this single as being one that centers on pushing the boundary as much as possible, but he also makes it clear that he doesn’t want to take us into the noisy abyss of post-punk sludge that has become a tempting wading pool for some of the players around him recently. He’s got a story to tell, and he’s not being cheap about how he’s going to share it here.

Different Moon’s mixing of this track is straight cold, and I don’t know that you’d find many producers in rock, hip-hop, country, or anything else likely to disagree with me on this point. Every textured nudge from the percussion feels like it’s invading our speakers but not our eardrums, while the synth is allowed to run after the vocal unchecked; the former is never capable of overtaking the latter’s melodic presence in this track.

I think that whether you’re someone who breaks down popular music regularly or just like to get into some smooth beats when they happen to land at your doorstep, the stripped-down cosmetics in this single are enough to make anyone curious about what the composer and performer would be able to accomplish in the right kind of venue. Even when he’s conceptual, Jim Piper is leaving the fluff outside of the recording studio, which is a lot better than what some of the other artists making similar music are up to these days.

As strange as it is undeniably addictive, Different Moon’s “Unstoppable” is an interesting way to usher in the holiday season if you’ve liked what some of the more intriguing acts in the underground scene have been producing in the past three years especially, and it’s a fantastic means of getting to know who this exciting musician is as an artist. “Unstoppable” has a hook that sneaks up on you and grabs you when you’re least expecting it to, and though it’s a bit sharp at first glance, repeat listening sessions spent with this track will convince even the more skeptical critic of its immense creative value. Different Moon and the man behind it aren’t a part of the corporate music scene, and this is a single that testifies to as much every time it’s heard.

Mindy McCall

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