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Of Limbo’s “Let’s Go”

Rock music does not get much more unadulterated and physical than Of Limbo’s “Let’s Go”. The new single from this Southern California-based trio roars off the starting blocks and does not take its foot off the gas more than a second for the song’s duration. It is modern rock, make no bones about that, and the musical fury they conjure from the song’s opening notes has a contemporary sound. Moreover, it is full and likely plays with the same well-rounded musicality in live performance despite only being a three-piece.


The genesis of the band begins down under. Luke and Jake Davies grew up in Melbourne, Australia on a steady diet of rock and roll from an early age. Luke started playing guitar at age ten, his brother teaching the nylon string introduction for Metallica’s “Unforgiven”, and they took off from there. They eventually moved to California where they connected with Denver, Colorado-born bassist Rob Graveley. The talented and respected veteran of the L.A. Orange County and So Cal music circuit proved to be the final piece for the Davies’ musical ambitions.

Luke’s guitar sound for this track can cut through anything. It traffics in aggression, without a doubt, but Davies wreathes it as well with a warm and fluid tone that compels you to listen. His guitar solo after the song’s mid-way point does not take a sudden melodic turn, “Let’s Go” is not about that, but Lake’s playing is far removed from sound and fury signifying nothing. It reinforces the song’s inherent physicality and proves his chops for anyone who cares to listen.

 The vocals capture the same timeless rock spirit. Graveley’s experience and skills opened a world of possibilities for Of Limbo and “Let’s Go” gives listeners evidence of those possibilities blossoming. His bass playing pairs well with Jake Davies’ drums despite guitar and vocals being the obvious stars of this production. You really experience the feeling, however, of three musicians who are on the same page, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any daylight at all in the way they attack “Let’s Go”.

The rambunctious and go-for-broke spirit of rock music is alive and well. Bands such as Of Limbo are doing more than carrying on tradition – they are blasting away with a singleness of purpose that will claim the band’s own spot in the pantheon of rock bands today. They are not reinventing the musical wheel and there’s no esoteric experimentation hobbling an otherwise outstanding performance.


Of Limbo tops it off with a wild and woolly promotional clip going with the song. The band cut the music video for “Let’s Go” on a budget, obviously, as assorted visual effects leave a little to be desired, but suspending disbelief is no chore. Looking past such things is not demanding when the band members fill our screens with energy and obvious personality. The most important thing, however, is that it is fun and reinforces the song’s merits. It’s a tasty piece of eye candy that provides one hell of an exclamation point for Of Limbo’s  “Let’s Go”. 

Mindy McCall



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