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David Kahn Releases “Journey” (SINGLE)

David Kahn is a hard-working and seemingly humble Singer/Songwriter. His approach is to come from a place of humility and sincerity, and he strives for his music to reflect that. Being a young musician in Los Angeles can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. On the one hand, there’s countless opportunities as a performer in tinseltown, but there’s twice the competition. Still, Kahn does everything with a smile and a positive attitude.

His newest single, “Journey” is universally themed, but Kahn puts his own unique stamp on the idea. With a vocal range that’s somewhat comparable to Cat Stevens, Kahn hooks you from his first note. From the moment you hear Kahn begin to sing, you know you’re in for something a little different. His song structure on “Journey” is decidedly original in a day and age where being so sometimes seems impossible. What’s even more impressive is that there’s a message behind this veil of wonderment.

Sources indicate that David Kahn is a bit of a TikTok sensation. It makes perfect sense, as the platform has ironically given a spotlight to unique performers. Kahn is a product of his generation, but still advocates for a solid sense of values. There is an emerging segment of young people that are placing emphasis on the importance of kindness, and that should be recognized. “Journey” is reflective of the struggles that we face at all ages, and the lessons that become blessings over time.

Journey/life’s bout the journey/don’t need to worry/we’re on the journey. It’s the age old sage advice that life is about the journey, not the destination. Do we always break it down though? That expression is intended to help us make sense of the unpredictable and often incomprehensible adversities we face in life. Kahn opts to soothe with his version of the philosophical offering. By just using a guitar and a voice, he ingratiates himself to our spirit.

The sound that Kahn goes for on “Journey” is unusually up close and personal. The recording mic is almost microscopic in that it sounds as if Kahn intentionally picks up certain nuanced apparitions. The recording technique, somehow gives “Journey,” both a modern and nostalgic feel. It’s an incredibly intimate piece that is about as “stripped down,” as it gets. However, Kahn is able to cast a bright light with little in the way of instrumentation.

As millennials age and Gen Z’ers take their place, David Kahn is at the forefront of the artistic zeitgeist. He’s ebullient, but restrained, vulnerable, but courageous. “Journey” is the type of song that one can either look to for inspiration, or stumble upon at precisely the right time. It’s about as pure, unfiltered, and raw as music can get, yet it manages to stay on the bright side of the rainbow. You can also find a short video that Kahn shot for the song on YouTube. “Journey” is now available for both streaming and download, and can be found on outlets such as spotify.

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