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How the Internet was created and who was involved in the process

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Who Created The Internet And How

In the 1960s, government researchers got a new way to exchange information. We’re referring to the Internet, the history of which has a separate page at This was a time when computers took up so much space that once installed in an office it could never be moved again. Before the invention of the Internet, transferring information from one medium to another was a laborious task.

Who Created The Internet And How

Surprisingly, the process of creating the Internet began even before the necessary technology was invented. For example, the formation of a worldwide wireless system was the dream of Nikola Tesla, and it was back in the early 1900s. Many engineers and scientists had a common vision of the Internet, so it is impossible to attribute the concept to one person. It was a labor-intensive process with fantastic results. Many inventors contributed to it.

Who is Thought to be the Inventor of the Internet

The emergence of the Internet has changed a lot in the life of mankind. It is a great invention thanks to which we can communicate with people from the other side of the globe, play slots after reading the Dendera casino review, enjoy our favorite movies and find the results of the latest research in any field of science.

The Internet was created by a large number of people, but sometimes the achievement is attributed to quite specific individuals. Let’s take a look at who they are talking about and why mass misconceptions have arisen.

Albert GoreThe Nobel Prize winner is nominated as the inventor of the Internet in many jokes. Once, when he was a presidential candidate, he decided to appropriate this achievement to himself, apparently, to boost his rating in the eyes of Americans. In fact, he did not invent the Internet, and has nothing to do with the scientific events that preceded the emergence of the technology.Albert Gore’s only connection with the internet is that he was part of a government group that was responsible for funding various scientific initiatives. In fact, the vice president was one of the people who approved the granting of money to the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, ARPANET.
Vinton Cerf and Robert KahnARPANET funding produced excellent results. Scientists and engineers proved that it was possible to transmit data between computers without wires. Then the next stage in the development of the modern Internet began. At this point, the possibility of expanding the technology was considered. This is where the names of Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf appeared in history.They were not the ones who made the first breakthrough in building the internet, but they managed to develop rules for optimized data exchange. Previously, programmers had encoded data transfers in various ways but Cerf and Kahn invented the TCP/IP protocol. It’s a universal tool, which is still in use today. It was a breakthrough, as it opened the gateway to further expansion of the technology of the Internet and increase the speed of exchange processes.
The militaryOne misconception about the inventors of the Internet concerns the military. During the work on the first versions of Internet technology, the funding for the project came from the Ministry of Defense. Still, sponsorship does not give the right to the title of inventor.
Tim Berners-Lee.In the 1980s, there was no public Internet but wireless links between corporations, banks, educational institutions, and military bases already existed and were in active use. Tim Berners-Lee contributed to history by inventing the World Wide Web (www). The inventor’s list of accomplishments includesHTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol;URLs – universal website indexes;Browser – to access data.The inventor’s proactivity allows modern Internet users to quickly find information and just as quickly share links with others.

In 1990, after the invention of the World Wide Web, the Internet took the form that is familiar to most users. Very often the World Wide Web is confused with the Internet, although these are different concepts. The World Wide Web is a popular software tool through which one can access data from all over the world. The Internet is the backbone of the Web.

Chronology of the Internet Development

Chronology of the Internet Development

The first prototype of the Internet by a group of scientists, the ARPANET, had limited functionality. The participation of many inventors in its development led to the rapid development of the technology:

  • 1972 – the introduction of e-mail;
  • 1983 – introduction of TCP/IP, more technical information about it can be read at to understand networking;
  • 1984 – the creation of NSFNet by the American Science Foundation;
  • 1988 – development of the first real-time chat room through the creation of the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol;
  • 1989 – the original concept of the Web (www) was reported;
  • 1991 – the first website, which was a directory for finding information on the Internet and was in demand before the first search engines were developed;
  • 2022 – almost 5 billion people around the world use the internet.

The World Wide Web has positively influenced the spread of technology around the world. Its implementation has included protocols and tools that have provided ordinary users with an understandable format for interacting with the Internet. If you are reading this article, you too are a user of an already familiar technology without which it is difficult to imagine modern life.



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