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Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild Release “Poolside”

Intermingled with deliciously melodic verses, dispatched via both traditional pop means and a flamboyant vocal from two equally talented vocalists, the rich instrumental backdrop atop which Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild dazzle us in the all-new single “Poolside” is debatably as enrapturing as any lyric that they sing.

Proving that they won’t play by any constricting genre rules, Crowe and Fairchild let go of any inhibitions they might have had prior to entering the studio for this latest release and instead cut one of the most infectious hooks of their career thus far in “Poolside,” adding immense fuel to the firestorm of buzz that has been surrounding their recent output. On the heels of what has been a huge year for everyone on the independent pop circuit, this single comes barreling out of the speakers with an intensity that has gone unrivaled among underground content this season, and even if you’re not the biggest pop fan, you don’t necessarily have to be to dig on its incredibly stinging groove. 

As much as I love the instrumental fabric of “Poolside,” there’s no arguing that the real star of this show is the dueling lead vocals, which are interwoven into the beat as though they were always meant to be united in sonic matrimony. These players attack the verses with a moxie that begs for us to listen to their every word with close, unguarded attention, and whether they’re belting out a heady melody or pushing all of the pressure toward the percussion, as though their entire career depended on the success of this lone single, there’s rarely a moment here where this duo doesn’t sound like a force to be reckoned with in the studio, pummeling us with a ferociousness that many in this genre would have a hard time keeping up with.

The music video for “Poolside” is well-produced, like its source material, but it’s by no means dripping with commercial polish; contrarily, I think that it’s a bit more streamlined than some of the stuff I’ve seen their rivals release this month. Some critics might be inclined to take issue with the bass-heavy nature of the swing in this song, but I think it was important if for no other reason than to emphasize how much depth this pair has when they’re given the space to shine. 

There aren’t very many pop musicians in the underground who are sporting the caliber of talent that Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild are right now, and if you need some evidence to back this statement up, I would highly recommend turning your attention toward their most recent single. “Poolside” shows us that Crowe and Fairchild can do a heck of a lot more than simply croon like there’s no tomorrow – in this track, they cut up one of the sexiest beats you’re going to find on either side of the dial right now, all while submitting fiery vocals that could melt the hearts of any pop fan. This is an act that knows who they are, and more importantly, what kind of a future they want to create. 

Mindy McCall



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