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“Bang Bang” by Greye

Florida’s Greye has established a well-deserved reputation in recent years as one of the pre-eminent rock acts working today. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Hannah Summer, the Daytona Beach based five piece are five albums deep into their run and show no signs of slowing down. Their latest single “Bang Bang” supplies plenty of evidence supporting this. Guitarist Jett Wolfe is an aggressive yet musical guitarist and ably accompanied by bassist Eddie Avella, drummer Ray Grimard, and keyboardist Ken-e Williams. The band fires away on all cylinders during the new single and delivers a thunderously intelligent addition to Greye’s impressive discography.

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They waste no time clobbering listeners upside the head. “Bang Bang” riffs at once and generates a relentless churn that pulls listeners into the heart of the song. Guitarist Jett Wolfe has an full guitar sound, muscular yet clear, and packs a wallop with everything he does. The rhymn section, however, is the foundation of everything Greye does. Grimard and bassist Eddie Avella are represented well during this recording and tether the arrangement to earth with their absolutely thunderous interplay. They supply a limitless canvas for Wolfe to work his six-string magic.

The lyrics are exceptional. Don’t go into this song expecting, however, to hear high-flown moments of quasi poetry. Greye’s language is conversational to its core. It does, however, delve far deeper than other rock songs of this ilk. There has always been enormous potential for five-star hard rock such as this to make even more of an impact with listeners when you marry the music to intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics. Greye isn’t the first band to reach that promised land, but their contributions in that direction are a cut above most.

The arrangement has moments of drama. Greye, however, never overplays their hand. The surprises are scattered but meaningful when they arrive. For instance, it’s a canny move during the song’s second half to have all of the music drop out for a second and Summer deliver a wonderful payoff line. It isn’t often you can say that such a moment ramps up a song’s momentum, but it does here.

Summer’s vocals are the proverbial icing on the cake. Her keen phrasing sets her apart from many other hard rock singers, male or female, and she has plenty of lung power to match the explosive music. There’s sultriness in her voice, for sure, but there’s an equal amount of grit and gravel that makes for a much more convincing performance. She never attempts to dominate the track either and, instead, focuses her efforts on serving the song.

“Bang Bang” is another triumph in a career so far rife with high water marks. Greye has long since earned global recognition, they are far too talented to stay confined to their Sunshine State home, and this new single should exponentially expand their already large audience. It’s a reminder, if needed, of rock music’s ongoing power to impress listeners and one of the band’s finest moments yet. If you are looking for pulse-pounding hard rock, Greye’s “Bang Bang” is what you need. 

Mindy McCall



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