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Phi Tribe’s Deep Sleep Music Concepts Can Improve Your Sleep

Phi Tribe music first announced itself to the music listening world in January 2022 when its YouTube channel first went online. Since then, Phi Tribe has gained an enormous listener base with 18 million plus views and has a set release schedule that debuts new music each week. The underlying foundation of the music focuses on gearing specific frequencies toward listener’s individual needs in the hopes that it promotes increased mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. You won’t find Phi Tribe music anywhere else except YouTube and it is leading the way for similar experimental musical projects to find an audience via untraditional routes.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/phitribe369/

We need untraditional routes. Music as entertainment alone is not a bad thing, of course not, but not exploring its further uses and iterations is nothing short of shameful. Phi Tribe music redresses the imbalance. Phi Tribe pushes a positive message dating back to the project’s first video “Reki Infused | Deep Sleep Music | Binaural Beats”. This video and its music isn’t intended to help listeners achieve more meaningful rest alone but, instead, has the added ambition of using Nikolai Tesla’s principles underlying “the Miracle of 3-6-9” to encourage mental and bodily healing as listeners sleep. Extending the piece to an eight hour running time shows the project’s enormous ambition.

Not all of the project’s pieces, however, are that lengthy. Videos such as “Morning Meditation Music | Healani || 11:11” are much shorter and use percussion rather than relying on synthesizers alone. The goal is the same as ever, however – to promote inner balance and peace. Phi Tribe music began incorporating chakras into their pieces early on. The first example of this came more than half a year ago with the video “Deep Sleep | Root Chakra”, a piece conceived to dissipate anxiety and fear. It is another of the project’s eight hour pieces and one of the finest early examples of their impressive talent for effortlessly invoking its stated aims.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRlVn1LGudrEuHpKBADSj9w

Phi Tribe has started a recent series of videos entitled the Soaking Series. The first volume in the series, “Relaxing Deep Sleep | Vol 01” achieves a frequency of 432Hz and has a welcome ethereal tilt ideal for its goals. Phi Tribe is masterful in the way they weave and layer together compelling synthesizer-fueled soundscapes that never lapse into cliché. The second video in the series “Soak in Unconditional Love” emphasizes the positive message underpinning each of the project’s videos. Both entries run eight hours, though the second one doesn’t have quite the same uplifting presence as the first.

Phi Tribe music is setting a new standard for music such as this. The increasing prevalence and appeal of ASMR videos and Reiki influences are making music such as this more popular with each passing year. The world is a difficult and unforgiving place – or it can be. Phi Tribe’s contributions address the internal and external struggles each of us face with empathy, beauty, and love. Seek it out today and you will not be disappointed. 

Mindy McCall



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