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Friendship that Lasts Forever: Honoring Scott La Rock and KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions

This is a tribute to the incredible work of Scott La Rock and Boogie Down Productions, two iconic figures in hip hop music. Scott La Rock was an influential rapper and producer who helped shape the course of the genre with his creative vision and friendship with KRS-One. Together, they formed Boogie Down Productions, one of the most important groups in hip hop history.

Scott La Rock was born in The Bronx, New York City, on August 27th 1962. He grew up surrounded by poverty and violence and developed an early interest in music. As a teenager, he began djing at school parties and later worked as an assistant to renowned DJs such as Mr Magic and Red Alert. In 1985 he met KRS-One while working at a record shop and they became fast friends.

KRS-One had been involved in graffiti writing since 1979 but only got into rapping seriously after meeting Scott La Rock. The pair recorded their first song together titled “South Bronx” which quickly caught attention from both fans and critics alike. They went on to form Boogie Down Productions (BDP) which released their first album Criminal Minded in 1987 to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The album featured some of the most influential rap songs ever made including “The Bridge Is Over”, “9mm Goes Bang”, “Illegal Business?”

and “My Philosophy” among others.

The success of Criminal Minded was followed by several more albums over the years including Edutainment (1990), Sex And Violence (1992), Live Hardcore Worldwide (1993) as well as BDP compilation albums such as By All Means Necessary (1988). These albums contained some of the classic bangers that defined a generation such as “Stop The Violence”, “Love’s Gonna Getcha”

and many more timeless classics that still resonate with people today. BDP were also responsible for pioneering a conscious rap movement which focused on social issues instead of violence or materialism which was prevalent in other hip hop acts during that time period.

The legacy of Scott La Rock still carries on today even though he sadly passed away when he was shot dead in 1987 before his second album with KRS-One could be released. His contribution to hip hop culture cannot be underestimated as it helped pave the way for future generations of rappers who would follow in his footsteps and continue to push boundaries within the genre. We can all thank Scott La Rock for helping launch hip hop into mainstream consciousness with collaborations such as Boogie Down Productions’ hit singles “Criminal Minded”

and “My Philosophy”.

To honor Scott La Rock’s influence on hip hop music Custom Creative have created this special t-shirt featuring artwork dedicated to him and Boogie Down Productions’ contributions to hip hop culture throughout their career together until his untimely death tragically cut it short at just 25 years old. This shirt serves as a reminder that no matter what obstacles life throws at you, there’s always room for creativity if you are willing to push yourself hard enough – something that will always remain true no matter how much time passes by or how much technology changes our lives; this is something we can learn from Scott La Rock’s legacy forevermore!



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