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Natalie Joly Releases “Your Angel”

The latest single from award-winning singer-songwriter Natalie Joly, is a standout release that showcases her dynamic range and versatility as an artist. The track leans into pop and country-rock, with influences from classic rock legends like The Beatles and Aerosmith as well as contemporary artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. The result is a sound that is fresh, engaging, and truly unique.


The song opens with a lush production that immediately draws the listener in. The drums are punchy, the electric guitar is clear and powerful against the almost hidden (and wisely-incorporated) keys, and the instrumental and vocal harmonies are simply stunning. These elements set the stage for Joly’s knockout vocals, which are the star of the show. Her voice is powerful and confident, with a delivery that is both soulful and captivating. The chorus of “Your Angel” is a real highlight, with a hook that is both catchy and memorable. Joly’s lyrics are relatable and universal, with a message that speaks to people of all ages. Whether you’re in the throes of young love and heartbreak or well-seasoned in the ups and downs of a life of romance, there’s an in for everyone that allows “Your Angel” to speak to you.

While Joly’s vocals make the track into a showcase for her raw singing talent, the band carries their own more than enough. The guitar solo in “Your Angel” is another easy standout moment. It is a testament to Joly’s musical prowess, as well as her ability to craft a song that is both musically and lyrically engaging. The solo is melodic and fluid, with a technical mastery that is sure to impress. It is a true highlight of the song and a testament to Joly’s skill as a songwriter and producer.

Over the years, Joly has gained a large social media following, with over 52,000 Instagram followers and over 8,200 Youtube subscribers. Her Youtube channel has reached over 1,000,000 views, and her Instagram videos have accumulated well over 10 million views, further showcasing her popularity and reach as an artist. One of the things that set “Your Angel” apart from other songs in the pop and country-rock genres is Joly’s commitment to authenticity. Even on social media, she portrays herself as the real deal. Her music is real, raw, and unapologetically honest. This is evident in the way she sings, the way she plays, and the way she writes. There is a sense of honesty and vulnerability in her music that is rare and refreshing.

“Your Angel” is a fantastic release from Natalie Joly that showcases her incredible talent as a singer-songwriter. With its lush production, catchy chorus, and knockout vocals, the song is sure to be a hit with fans of pop, country-rock, and classic rock. Joly’s ability to craft a sound that is fresh, engaging, and truly unique is a testament to her skills as an artist and a true standout in today’s music landscape. With her large social media following and impressive Youtube presence, Joly is poised to continue making waves in the music world for years to come.

Mindy McCall



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