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Unix Time Stamp & Unix time – Overview 2023

Unix Time Stamp➜ When it started Unix Epoch? ✔ When to use a Unix Timestamp? ✔ Timestamp or INT? ✔ Unix date interpretation ✔ Instruction for PHP | Java | MySQL.

Unix Time stamp and Unix Time

In our article you will realize what Unix time and Unix Time stamp are. Developers frequently join these ideas into one, yet this isn’t exactly right. This article likewise contains numerous valuable notes on the best way to work with the Unix Timestamp in PHP , MySQL and JavaScript.

Why did the Unix time stamp start on January first, 1970?

The fact of the matter is that Unix time begins the Unix period, with the arrival of the principal UNIX framework. The primary arrangement of this sort was made in 1969, and that is the reason the designers embraced the date January 1, 1970 at 12 PM UTC (Facilitated General Time) as the beginning stage.


How about we comprehend what Unix time and Unix Timestamp are for and we should give them clear ideas.

The conclusion of the Unix age will come in 2038

On January 19, 2038, at 03:14:08, there will come a second when the quantity of seconds starting from the start of the Unix period will surpass the most extreme number that anyone could hope to find in a 32-bit framework = 2147483647. Assuming the digit spills over, it will reset the date.

To test this hypothesis with a basic model is extremely simple:

  • Open the standard Windows number cruncher by squeezing ALT+3, this will place it in designing perspective;
  • Set it to 4 byte mode, and enter the decimal kind;
  • Compose the number 2147483647;
  • Note the double portrayal of the number;
  • Add one to the number;
  • The consequence of the expansion will be a negative number!

When to use Unix Time stamp?

It requires 8 bytes to address investment in our typical timestamp framework and a fraction of the time in a unix timestamp is 4 bytes. As I would see it, the saving of the information size is the fundamental and unquestionable benefit of utilizing Unix Time.

Furthermore there are various helpful subtleties accessible when you work with UNIX timestamps in mysql. What’s more, since all data should be put away in the data set server, and it, thus, enjoys a few benefits while working with Unix timestamps, the decision toward unix timestamp can be accurately legitimate by the accompanying arrangements.


In MySQL, there is a related information type Timestamp to work with the configuration of unix time, setting which we promptly get a helpful benefit over the standard organizations DATE and DATETIME. The benefit is that when you play out the activity of adding another record to the table, the section with this information type is filled in naturally. This implies that we can save on how much information, yet additionally on the computer chip season of the web server.

Is it sensible to utilize INT rather than Time stamp?

Numerous developers utilize the number organization int(11) while managing unix timestamp. This isn’t the slightest bit a reasonable way to deal with the inquiry since there are numerous valuable capabilities in MySQL for the timestamp type that influence the speed of working with it. Along these lines, by putting away timestamps in INT, we will deny ourselves of all server support for this arrangement. This is equivalent to putting away id in varchar(11) type.

Unix date interpretation

Presently the time has come to give a few helpful capabilities to change dates over completely to unix timestamp and back from unix-time to a meaningful date.

Instructions to get the ongoing Unix Time

  • PHP:

1 time();

  • JavaScript:

1 Math.round(new Date().getTime()/1000.0);

  • MySQL:

1 SELECT unix_timestamp(now()).

How to make an interpretation of date into UNIX time?

  • PHP:

1 mktime ();//first choice

2 strtotime(date(“Y-m-d”));//subsequent choice

3 date(“Y-m-d H:i:s” , $timestamp);//third choice

  • JavaScript:

1 Date.UTC(year, month-1, day, hour, min, sec)/1000;

  • MySQL:

1 SELECT unix_timestamp(YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS);

These notes on working with Unix timestamp in MySQL, PHP and JavaScript

will assist you with changing dates over completely to unix times, and convert unix timestamp to a clear structure.Copy textCopy HTML

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