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The Cofields’ Hot New Single “Royalty”

With a bassline as thick as the earth’s crust present to frame a seductive lyrical lashing from behind the microphone, The Cofields’ hot new single “Royalty” is an awesome addition to any gospel buff’s playlist this winter. Structured around an intense exchange of vocals that spices up a gravity-altering groove from the drums, “Royalty” is a driven, lively single that will crush unfamiliar listeners with its heaviness if played at the right volume, but don’t let its intimidating weight repel you; among all of the songs that I’ve heard produced in the same vein as this single is, it’s by far the most textured and expressive of the bunch. The Cofields are making a big statement with this track, and it’s one that I can’t get enough of. 

The mix here is as muscular as the music itself is. “Royalty” is arguably all about movement; from the execution of the lyrics to the construction of the bassline around them, everything here is a force to be reckoned with. The melody generated by the synths in the background slices through anything that gets in its way, and that’s saying something when we isolate the drum track and appreciate just how potent an element it is on its own. The Cofields are very adept at making a surreal harmony as unbelievably earth-quaking as possible, and in this age of hip-hop, where sonic size matters, theirs is a sound that I can see appealing to virtually anyone who loves a larger-than-life groove. 

Striking verses are the nucleus within the rigidity of the beat-centric-style rhythm utilized in “Royalty,” but they aren’t overly saturated with a predictably glistening polish in the grander scheme of things. For being a track that was designed to win over a churchgoing crowd with more spunk and energy than you might expect, I don’t get the impression that The Cofields are giving us a halfhearted performance akin to their contemporaries here; in fact, quite the contrary. Every component in this song is riddled with aggressive textures that speak to us on a deeper level than your typical single would, and that alone sets it apart in this ever-growing genre and the often questionable output of some of its commercially-bankrolled talent. 

Fans of a good gospel groove would be wise to check out “Royalty” this season, as it not only packs a mighty melodic punch but is almost guaranteed to get you out of your chair and onto the dancefloor, regardless of whatever mood you’re in at the moment. With so much division and discord dominating the nightly news, The Cofields’ brand of faith-driven music is practically essential to getting through both the mundane and the macabre that comes with a Monday morning these days. This was my first time listening to any of their collaborative studio efforts, and I must say, it’s more than worthy of all the attention that its creators have been getting as of late. All in all, I am looking forward to hearing more from this suave duo in the future. 

Mindy McCall



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