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Top Tips to Get Better in Freestyle

You’re likely familiar with the word “freestyle,” whether you’re just getting started in the rap game or are simply a fan of the genre. 

It is an excellent tool for improving your rapping abilities and can assist you in discovering new flows and rhymes

Having strong freestyle abilities is beneficial, whether your goal is just creating a rap song or just having a good time with your buddies. But when you’re just starting, it may be challenging to prove that you’re talented enough.

With the help of this article, you’ll be able to improve your freestyle rapping skills by utilizing some straightforward advice and techniques, which will allow you to wow your friends.

What is Freestyle?

Rapping “freestyle” refers to improvisation. In most cases, you come up with the lyrics and flow, on the spot and in a creative way.

When a rapper does freestyle rap, he creates the lyrics and rhymes at the moment without using a written script or practicing ahead of time. It is common for freestyle rapping to be done in a competitive situation like a freestyle fight or cypher, when its hallmarks of spontaneity, originality, and improvisation may really shine.

The rapper in a freestyle rap battle must think of rhymes that fit the subject or theme they’ve been assigned and rap their lines over a beat or musical recording.

Lyrical skills, fast thinking, and self-confidence are all necessary for freestyle rapping. It’s a good indicator of a rapper’s talent and skills if they can deliver a verse on the spot without any script or notes.

How to Get Better at Freestyle Rap

With the following steps, you’ll understand how to practice and what to do to get better at freestyle.

Dont overthink

When it comes to freestyle, one of the major problems that might arise is overthinking things. It means that you shouldn’t think about whether or not you are good enough, which will cause you to pause and disrupt the flow of your thoughts. 

Bring yourself into the present and make an effort not to let stress get to you.

Keep in mind that the purpose of freestyle is to improvise, which means that you do not have enough time to think about the line that will come after the one you are currently performing, so simply try to relax and be as comfortable as you possibly can.

If you want to quit overthinking, one helpful piece of advice is to practice in a place where no one can hear you, such as your car. When you become more comfortable with the practice, gradually increase the number of people you attempt it with over time.

Listen to a lot of Rap

When you listen to your favorite music the next time, pay attention to the flow and the lyrics and make mental notes of the portions of the song that you like.

When you practice in the future, try to recall the portions you like and imitate the rapper’s performance of those sections perfectly. After you’ve become excellent at replicating those pars, you should attempt adding some bits that are uniquely yours. 

It will boost your confidence and increase your sense of what rapping is all about, allowing you to improve at freestyling.

You should make it a goal to learn as many rhymes as possible so you can subsequently create your rhymes more effortlessly and much more quickly.

Freestyle Slower 

Don’t rush through the freestyle. Take your time. Since you are going to be improvising, you need to go at a slow pace.

Your rap will sound better due to the slow pace, and it will also assist in eliminating awkward pauses.

Make an effort to find or make beats that are slower and easier to control.

It is preferable to rap slowly and seem more professional than to rap quickly and have several pauses.

Take Advantage of Pauses

Because you are rapping at a slower pace, you have more control over the pauses and can turn them into whatever you want. These breaks will allow you to gather your breath and think about the next word.

There is no rule that says you must constantly fill everything with sound. The absence of sound is just as vital as the sounds that are being created there. It’s about allowing things room to breathe and exist.

Nod Your Head to The Beat

One thing that improved my musical ability to stay on the beat is to nod my head to the beat. I can’t emphasize enough how much it helps to keep on the bpm and get into the groove.

Try to turn your head into a metronome and nod to each beat. If you’re still having trouble grasping the metronome concept, use an online metronome and adjust it to the right bpm until you’re confident enough to freestyle without it.

How to Instantly Freestyle Better in front of people

Get Help From a Good Friend

If you have a good friend who enjoys rapping just as much as you do, in addition to practicing together, you can ask for his assistance when you are freestyling in front of other people in the parts where you get stuck. 

He will be able to help you keep going and fill in what you are missing.

Write a Recovery Verse

Write a “cheating verse” that you can repeat when you get stuck performing in front of other people.

When you practice or find yourself with free time, list some awesome lyrics you enjoy and then try to commit them to your memory. If your mind blanks out and you find yourself stuck, all you have to do is repeat the lyrics you have committed to memory until you find your way out of the loop.


You may use all the tactics above today to amaze your friends while freestyling. Some tricks include nodding your head and freestyling at a slower pace. If you put those methods into practice, you’ll see an improvement in your freestyle.

Remember to listen to a lot of rap and freestyle you enjoy so that they may inspire you.

Also, remember that there are no hard rules when it comes to music, so you should strive to explore as much as possible.



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