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A Guide To Isle Of Wight Music Festival

With the festival season just around the corner, many people will prepare their camping gear as they look forward to sunny weather. Besides arriving home with lots of memories, you’d also want to ensure all your valuables return safely.

Some of the biggest festivals set for this year include Shepton Mallet, and Glastonbury at Worthy Farm, scheduled for the 22nd to 26th of June.

The Isle of Wight Festival is special with About 59,000 people will most likely attend this year via plane, train and the Wightlink

Festival and Camping

This will come after the Isle of Wight Festival, scheduled to happen from 15th to 18th June in Newport at Seaclose Park. Some headline acts are Pulp, Niall Horan, Robbie Williams, Chemical Brothers, Echo and the Bunnymen, among others. Around 59,000 individuals attend the festival.

If you’d like to discover tips that will help you make your experience fun and safe, read on!

How Much Should You Pack?

It’s advisable that you carry only the stuff you’ll absolutely need. The more things you take, the higher your chances of losing some of them. You don’t want your top-of-the-range gear lying in the tent without someone looking after them, so you better leave these items at home where they’ll be safe.

Carry Your Money and Bank Cards in Zipped Pockets

Ensure you pack toilet rolls and disposable toilet seat covers because the hygiene levels at festivals can be undesirable sometimes.

What about Your Valuables?

The best thing you can do is to leave your valuables at home. If you use one of the best mobile phones, switch to a cheaper one, just in case you misplace it, someone steals it, or you damage it while having fun. Check whether there are secure padlocked lockers you can pay for at the festival to secure the valuables you can’t carry around.

Should You Carry Food?

Carrying non-perishable foods and drinks will save you some cash since foods at festivals are usually expensive. Carry a camping stove where you can make some meals, like a quick breakfast.

Pack healthy snacks like trail bars, so you have something to munch on whenever you’re hungry but tired to leave your tent.

How Can You Be Ready For All Weather?

Carry a light water-resistant coat so that you can stay dry while not sweating too much at the same time. But remember not to carry flimsy summer outfits alone. If you’re out and it rains, don’t sit on your sleeping bag back in the tent while in your wet attire. Set aside a spot, for instance, in a corner where you may place outdoor outfits to dry them throughout the night.

Is it Okay to Put On Your Wellies – Especially in Summer?

Pack a pair of wellies, as you could experience a little rain causing the campsite to be muddy. In case of a downpour, expect the place to be a bog, considering the footfall at any big festival. Nothing feels so uncomfortable as having wet socks and shoes during the weekend as you camp.

Have You Reviewed the Festival Rules?

Review the campsite rules before attending the event. You’ll most likely find them online. All you have to do is visit the festival’s website. Many events specify what you can’t carry, so ensure that everything you pack is allowed onto the site.

Also, confirm what the rules say about cooking. While some sites may permit BBQs and stoves, they could be prohibited elsewhere.

Do You Have a Pitch Set Aside?

Some festivals will pick a pitch for you in advance. If this is the case, then they should guide you to your spot. If you don’t have a pitch set aside, it’s your job to secure a spot.

The first thing is to locate a flat and grassy space. Avoid camping in areas prone to disturbance, like close to the toilets or around the entrance area. To enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long day out, you’ll need to set up your tent away from the main stage.

What’s the Best Way to Secure Your Tent at a Festival?

You shouldn’t worry about anything if you followed our word and didn’t pack all your valuables for the event. While there’s no way to keep your tent entirely safe, avoid leaving your stuff just in the doorway. Make some friends as you camp so that you assist each other in looking out for anything mischievous. If you notice something unusual, notify the festival security immediately.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Preparing for a festival is fine, but don’t stress too much about something terrible happening. The majority of the people went there for one reason, and that’s to have fun and enjoy.

Go out there and have the best time of your life.



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